Scope and permanence of minors, the Calcaterra – Il Golfo 24 is activated

The Extraordinary Commissioner of Casamicciola Terme, Simonetta Calcaterra, deeply affected by the sad story involving four nuns of the religious institute Santa Maria della Provvidenza and the minors housed in the structure, having learned yesterday the news under investigation, immediately followed and compulsed the activities of the coordinator and of the social workers of Sector n. 13 for a careful verification of the existing situation within the Institute, first of all as regards the conditions of the children, which fortunately turned out to be good. Furthermore, the possibility of allowing the permanence of minors in the structure and therefore the functioning of the same was ascertained by the Area, since the Legal Representative of the Congregation of the Disciples of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus sent other nuns to replace those removed, guaranteeing in thus the right ratio between the number of children hosted and the operators for the functioning of the reception facility.

The Extraordinary Commissioner, subject to agreement with the Mayor of Ischia, the lead Municipality of Area no. 13, continues to follow, with the utmost attention and through the body in charge, the developments of the matter and ensures any timely action that may be necessary in order to guarantee the well-being of minors as a priority within the Institute.

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