“Scottie Pippen’s insult against Jordan? I am…”

For some time now, Scottie Pippen has been channeling his energy into trying to tarnish the image of his former teammate, Michael Jordan. an attitude that builds Respond to the fans, but also the veterans of the league. For example, the Bulls Dynasty’s number 33 has recently been taken over by a respected Hall of Famer.

When they played in the NBA together in the 90’s, no one could have imagined that Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan He would become what he is today. No, they weren’t the best of friends back then, but they knew how to stick together when it was time to step on the court and win a title…

But for a few years and the release of “The Last Dance,” the documentary incident on MJ and the Bulls’ lineage, No. 33 has turned against his former partner. Not necessarily portrayed in the best light, the winger also seeks to tarnish the image of his leader at the time. just a while ago he said that Jordan was a ‘frightening fellow’Opposite of “goat lebron james”.

Scottie Pippen destroyed by Bill Walton

If this new rivalry amuses internet users and fans, it upsets and saddens those who had a chance to witness them at that time. While on the “Scoop B” Robinson show, Hall of Famer Bill Walton had some very strong words against Scottie Pippen. He really doesn’t understand the point of maintaining this tension and destroying the best pairing of all time:

I liked that Bulls team. I am shocked and appalled… and again, those words are not enough to describe what I truly feel about the way Scottie Pippen treated Michael Jordan. this is not normal. At the helm of this team was MJ, who was the epitome of excellence on and off the field.

In the wake of the statements, Scottie Pippen begins to distance himself from the big names in the NBA, as he is attacking a myth that is respected by all. He’s in a battle he’s almost certain to lose, especially since he’s hitting a wall. Michael Jordan never answers, making #33’s comments sound like obsession or insincerity.

Let’s hope they manage to sit down at a table one day and bury the hatchet that wrote one of the most beautiful pages in the history of the league. If egos are put aside, they should be able to come together and recognize the importance of one in the other’s career. It may be the only way Scotty can walk out of this with his head held high.

Scottie Pippen is far from over his comments on Michael Jordan, whom he hates today. No one understands the origins of this hatred, which makes his speech essentially quite inaudible.

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