Sea Of ​​Thieves: Hunting And Fishing In Video With The Call Of The Hunter, At The End Of April

Sea Of ​​Thieves: Hunting And Fishing In Video With The Call Of The Hunter, At The End Of April

Let’s see the innovations introduced in Sea of Thieves with La Chiamata del Cacciatore, the new trading company that carries hunting, fishing, and cooking.

Among the innovations presented during last night’s Inside Xbox, or just before, there is also the upcoming arrival of La Chiamata del Cacciatore in the Sea of Thieves world, which is shown in more detail in this trailer with hunting, fishing and cooking

The Call of the Hunter is a new introduction that will arrive on April 30, bringing with it some new situations within the Sea of Thieves, such as fishing hunting sessions. In fact, it is a new trading company, founded by the pirate bard Merrick. With the introduction of the Call of the Hunter, we will, therefore, be able to fish in the Rare game, selecting the bait and the point at which to throw and trying to pull up the prey without breaking the line through the new game mechanic. 

Hunting and gathering will also allow obtaining new raw materials to cook, capturing more or less dangerous wild animals, going from hens and pigs to snakes and sharks, with rewards obviously increasing according to the level of challenge. The “materials” thus collected, between hunting and fishing, also fall within the new dynamic of the kitchen, which allows the creation of new dishes starting from various recipes, with the possibility of performing the task both on land and on ships in the Sea of Thieves.

The Call of the Huntsman was founded by the wanderer Merrick, famous for having fought with the Hungry, the first Megalodon to threaten the seas of the Sea of Thieves, and having left us half of his body. Merrick is back with his family and some friends with his same mentality to get a little revenge, encouraging fishing, hunting and cooking at sea! 

Call of the Huntsman is the new Merrick trading company that aims to reward pirates who cook great dishes, catch the rarest fish and beasts of the hunt, from the humblest of pigs to the deadly Kraken. Hit them with the best catches and the best cooking to get gold and special rewards, including fishing rods in many different styles!

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