Sea Testing… Connected Sunglasses!

Hey, do you remember last week when I looked like an idiot? Ouch, I don’t like this look from my two co-hosts that means* “So yes yes we remember you sounded stupid, but what time, what day of the week are you talking about? »…*But yes, do you remember: when I tested anti-motion sickness glasses and I looked like an idiot? Well! Well, repeat!

Because yes, today, I’m testing the glasses again, but this time, they’re ENGO introduces active look connected sunglassesWhose design might make you think they belong to the past – perhaps 80s ski trainers – but which are, in fact, glasses of the future.

Well, for me, they inspire me to wear jackets with super wide and colorful shoulders, fluorescent labels and tight-fitting fusel bobbins: it’s that simple, When I wear them, I feel like I’m about to rub milk oil on my face while singing , When will I see you again wonderful country » While calculating whether I wouldn’t eventually get my fifth can of Mont d’Or of the week at the Mountain Restaurant in 1982.

But no, no: these are definitely the pair of sunglasses of tomorrow.

ActiveLook connected sunglasses provide a lot of interesting information about your lifestyle
ActiveLook connected sunglasses provide a lot of interesting information about your lifestyle

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In fact, when you wear them, you’re like James Bond because Your glasses are also a screenWhich tells you how fast you walk, how tall you are, how long you have been practicing your sport, how fast your heart beats… It depends on the items you attach your glasses toLike your meter, or your watch, right They can reveal a lot of very interesting information,

From my point of view, the most interesting of all the information given by the glasses is that after tests of high scientific value in the corridors of the Maison de la Radio, I learned that when Mary was at her maximum capacity she ran at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour, That’s not bad: that’s only 39 kilometers an hour less than Usain Bolt.

But most of all, it helped me learn that she really did run weird, and just for that, I was happy to test These glasses are for real athletesThat is to say: joggers, cyclists, trailerers, skiers, people who go paragliding, in short, all those people who have a sport, where you walk, where you are alone, and where, if you are white, You have a stupid complexion. Lines, biceps, chocolate-vanilla thighs and an upside-down Zorro mask face… I’m going to take a second to let you do it for yourself. The image… is basically a little on the da-pan side: dark everywhere, lights around the eyes, unlike the panda.

So of course, professional discretion bound, I actually tested these connected glasses over a distance of 64.3 kilometers not bad ! All for 16 minutes 52, Very good! Where I drove at an average speed of 228.8 kilometers per hour, What talent!

And here I think you’re telling yourself I’m lying, but not at all: average is good because I tested my connected glasses while sitting quietly in the TGV Inoue which took me back to BrittanyAnd know this, I have no regrets.

Do you think Maya really tests all of the sex toys she receives? No, she turns them on, watches them swell, spin through the air, land on the moon and then vibrate rhythmically to the tune of ” and we rotate towels »: And there you have it, she can talk about it in an article. Maiya also does the same as me, except that she does not put her things on her nose. well I think ?!

Well, I did the same for the glasses: I haven’t tested it under extreme conditions, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking it’s crazy!

For example, during my testing, I could see that everything was very accurate. : It told me where I needed to go, Saint-Brieuc, the speed we were going, how many calories I burned (well in this case on the train: 0). And besides, I ate a sandwich and… I took off my glasses so they wouldn’t burn me… It’s so strong…

bulk, ACTIVELOOK’s ENGO glasses are impressive, you no longer have to take your eyes off the road to look at your speedometer, your GPS, or your screen: you look in front of you and everything is pointed to. So definitely,Next time I go to Saint-Brie-Brie on a hang glider, or just want to do a green run or two in La Clusaz, I’ll be wearing them!

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