season 2 “- description of what the series is about, is there a book, is it worth seeing, where to see? When is the premiere?

Apple TV + presents the full trailer of the second season of its flagship series, which once caused quite a stir, called The Morning Show.

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Series The Morning Show premiered in 2019, causing a kind of storm in the world of movies and TV series. Now it returns for the next, second season, and Apple TV +, on which it will be shown, presents its full cinematic trailer.

The Morning Show: Season 2 – series description

Series The Morning Show in the new episodes it is a big question mark in terms of the plot. The trailer platform below does not reveal any details about the plot. This, however, is to be a consequence of what happened in the finale of the first season, which ended with an intriguing confession by two heroes. In the new episodes, the emission of which was delayed due to the pandemic, threads related to the pandemic situation in the world will also be woven into the plot.

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The Morning Show is a series drama whose protagonists are TV presenters on breakfast television. The creators introduce viewers to the importance of such television and its significance for contemporary Americans, showing breakfast television from an unusual, unusual side … from the kitchen.

The Morning Show: season 2 – movie trailer

The premiere of the next season of the series The Morning Show, which will soon make its debut in the second season, is still ahead of us. In the meantime, we encourage you to watch the movie trailer announcing the upcoming serial feast.

The Morning Show: season 2 – the cast of the series

The flagship series work of the Apple TV + platform is a production in the star cast, z Jennifer Aniston (Wife on niby,Friends, A killer cruise, Killer Cruise 2) and Reese Witherspoon (Legal blonde, Big lies, Like in heaven, Alabama girl), starring.

Starring: Steve Carell, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Billy Crudup, Nestor Carbonell, Mark Duplass, Bel Powley, Karen Pittman.

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The cast of the series has been joined by Greta Lee, Hasan Minhaj, Ruairi O’Connor, Holland Taylor, Valeria Golin, Tara Karsian and Julianna Margulies.

The Morning Show: season 2 – how many episodes?

American drama series The Morning Show, in the second season, as in the first season, there will be 10 episodes.

The Morning Show: season 2 – when is the premiere?

The Morning Show in the second season, it was to have its premiere in 2020, as its continuation was ordered by Apple TV + in 2019, i.e. in the year of the premiere of the first season. Unfortunately, the prevailing pandemic of the coronavirus thwarted plans and instead of in November 2020, the series was postponed for another year.

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Today we know that the premiere of the first episode of the series is scheduled for September 17. The next episodes will appear weekly, on Friday.

The Morning Show: season 2 – where to watch?

The Morning Show is an original production of the Apple TV + platform, and just like the first season, the second one will be broadcast on this platform. Coming next month, with the episode premieres every week.

The Morning Show – season 3?

As of today, we do not know that the series The Morning Show will have another season. Judging by the interest in season one, the anticipation of season two, expect it to be. Deciding whether this will happen seems to be reading tea leaves. For that, however, it is too early.

The Morning Show – opinions about the series

Series The Morning Show is a production that will cause a storm, not only in the media, but also among reviewers and the viewers themselves. The series will be liked by viewers who like TV behind the scenes as well as dramatic productions. It is also a series noteworthy due to the great, truly star cast.

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The series has won film awards and nominations. Awards include: Emmy – Best Supporting Actor in a Billy Crudup Drama Series, and AMERICAN MOVIE GUILD – Actor – Best Actress in a Jennifer Aniston Drama Series.

He also has many nominations for film awards. They are: Golden Globe – Best Drama Series; Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Jennifer Aniston Drama Series; Golden Globe – Best Actress in a Reese Witherspoon Drama Series.

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Also: Emmy – Best Actor in a Steve Carell Drama Series; Emmy – Outstanding Actress on a Drama Series Jennifer Aniston; Emmy – Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series by Mark Duplass and many more.

The Morning Show – books

Series The Morning Show is a production based on my own original script. This means that there is no book it is based on. Instead, we recommend reading a book Television in media educationwhose author is Agnieszka Ogonowska.

The book “Television in Media Education” can be bought cheaper below:


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