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On Prime Videos The second season of the series has just been released Uploads. The “Matrix post-mortem” still sees one of the protagonists Robbie Amell, Andy Allo and Allegra Edwards. This is the review.

Nora (Andy Allo), after escaping the assassin who wanted her dead, she accepts her father’s invitation to move in with his Luddite friends. Nathan (Robbie Amell), instead, he returns to the upper floors and leaves the “2GB” thanks to Ingrid’s money (Allegra Edwards) that out of love for him decided to Upload, just as we saw in the last minutes of the first season finale (here the review). In the meantime, the palace intrigues don’t seem to stop and Horizen finds new ideas to exploit the assets of her wealthy guests, such as the possibility of becoming parents of virtual children, modeled on the appearance of the AI ​​boy (Owen Daniels).

Amazon has made its subscribers, fans of the series, wait two years for the second season of Uploadsbut the expectation has been well rewarded, thanks to a lean narrative structure and an engaging rhythm that accompanies the vision and the viewer in just seven episodes.

Uploads he had impressed well in 2020, and how much good he has shown since then Greg Daniels, has not been lost, indeed it has been re-proposed and renewed with good narrative cues. The series now takes on a greater connotation of Sci-Fi thriller seasoned with comedy tones, losing some of that spirit of denunciation of the big-data race that had previously characterized it. This metamorphosis was, however, necessary in order not to risk remaining static and closed, in doing so the showrunner had the opportunity to explore new subplots, with greater emphasis on previously little-explored characters.

Good work done by the three directors chosen by Daniels. The only Jeffrey Blitz has been confirmed by the first round of episodes and, among others, will direct the last episode written by Owen Daniels. The special effects are top-notch and guarantee fun and aesthetic beauty.

In any case, well all the cast. The group of actors works in symbiosis and with flawless harmony. Even if the protagonist remains Robbie Amellit is in fact Andy Allo to steal the scene several times. The American actress and singer knows how to be funny and moving and today, like her two years ago, she is one of the most functional elements of the cast to the success of the series.

Uploads it won’t take you more than two evenings, having fun in the right way. In our view, it remains an interesting project. Although there is still no official, we know for sure that Amazon has already decided to renew the series for a third season, which does not hurt given the open ending.

Upload (second season)
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