Secret Invasion: confirmed the presence of a new important character

An important mutant of the Marvel Comics could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the series Secret Invasion. There Disney may have inadvertently revealed it through the official gifs of Secret Invasion additions to Tenor (h / t Murphy’s Multiverse). One of these gifs is titled “This is the beginning of the Abigail brand” and show Emilia Clarke talking to someone outside the frame. Many fans have long speculated that Clarke could interpret Abigail Brandcreated by Joss Whedon And John Cassaday and presented in theirs X-Men as the half mutant and half alien leader of SWORDthe counterpart of the SHIELD turned to space. It seemed only a matter of time before it arrived after the introduction into theMCU of the SWORD in WandaVision.

One wonders if Brand really is Brand. Secret Invasion is a spy drama involving shape-shifting aliens, where one of the biggest twists and turns in the comic book event is the revelation that the heroine Spider-Woman is actually the Queen Skrull Veranke (another character whose role was already suspected Clarke). However, a grid of characters from the production of Secret Invasion previously mentioned the presence of Brand on the show (which also makes sense, given that he’s in charge of the SHIELD and this is an alien invasion angle), and fans immediately imagined Clarke in the role.

The fact that Brand being a mutant only adds to the amount of excitement fans are likely to feel for the role. The faithful of the Marvel have been looking forward to more news on the mutants since Ms Marvel mentioned the mutation in the finale of his series. Furthermore, the return of Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine in Deadpool 3 it’s just stoking the flames. And this is only about the department live-actionnot to mention X-Men ’97 which revives the classic X-Men: The Animated Series.

Brand recently returned to action in the universe Marvel Comics as the leader of a new version of SWORD created for the era Krakoan. However, it turns out that Brand is a double agent, secretly working with the anti-mutant organization ORCHISmaking her one of the most complicated characters in comics at the moment.

Did you know the character of Abigail Brand? What role would you like to see Emilia Clarke? You have hype for the series Secret Invasion? Let us know with a comment!

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