Secretly at Wimbledon, she’s rocking the hottest sunglasses trend of the summer!

While he is in the midst of shooting for its much-anticipated prequel Wizard of Ozmusical comedy Wickedin London, Ariana Grande He took a break from his busy schedule by going to the Wimbledon final on 16 July. And for good reason: in the company of his friend Jonathan Bailey (the charismatic Anthony). bridgerton chronicle) In the stands of the famous tennis tournament, the beautiful blonde was shining, all smiling. Wearing a covert hat on head, she nevertheless rocked the most prominent pair of sunglasses of the season: colored lenses.

Ariana Grande: All smiles in the stands with Jonathan Bailey, she wears sunglasses with colored lenses like no other

Always stay updated with the latest trends, Ariana Grande Proved again that she’s a hardcore fashionista: Dressed in a classic gray sweater and matching long skirt, she wore round sunglasses with green lenses. A perfect statement accessory to enhance your overall monochrome look as per the current trend. Like them, we adopt colored sunglasses to see life in pink (or whatever color we prefer) and stay in the peak of coolness.

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Ariana Grande: Back to her sexy-casual Lolita look

if’s singing talentAriana Grande Now there is no need to prove, her fashion look is also worth seeing. In fact, always faithful to her sexy Lolita style, the gorgeous blonde is a fan of platform heels, mini-skirts and other fashion items that highlight her slim figure. the same off-duty, she bets on a combo maxi hoodie and boots or sneakers to show off her legs. In short, a trendy and sexy “younger” look that’s just right with the times!

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