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In March of this year, Miley Cyrus’ plane was struck by lightning during a flight to Paraguay. On Instagram, the singer posted a video of the exact moment when the aircraft receives the energy discharge and took the opportunity to reassure fans.

“To my fans and everyone concerned after hearing about my flight to Asunción. Our plane was caught in an unexpected big storm and struck by lightning,” he explained at the time.

Miley Cyrus
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Fernando and Sorocaba just didn’t make it out of this for the better. In 2016, the private jet of the countryman duo had a broken cabin window, causing the plane to fall until it reached 10 thousand feet, which was when the pilot managed to take control of the aircraft.

Fernando e Sorocaba
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Maiara, this time unaccompanied by her sister Maraisa, was flying peacefully in early January of this year to São Paulo, when a bird crashed into the turbine of her jet, causing the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Santa Catarina.

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2018 was a year of great emotions for Alok. The DJ was fulfilling his concert schedule, when his jet left the runway at an airport in Juiz de Fora, causing the ship to stop on a cliff.

“I kind of witnessed a miracle there. It’s the old story of the meaning of life. What is success? Is it having material good? Fame and money? I had all of that and I had severe depression. So I decided to look for other meanings for my life, I intensified my philanthropic work and that got me out of depression”, said Alok in 2020 when remembering the accident.

Alok on the jet
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When Barack Obama was still a senator, back in 2008, he had to make an emergency landing in St. Louis after the pilot reported that he “no longer had 100% control of the aircraft”.

barack and michelle obama
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This case is famous! Luciano Huck, Angélica, the couple’s 3 children and two nannies had a huge scare in May 2015. The aircraft suffered a fuel pump failure and the engine “died in the air”, causing the pilot to perform a difficult emergency landing in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Luciano Huck, Angelica and Family
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In 2015, an aircraft took the 3 Globo commentators from Santiago to Temuco, Chile, and had to return to the airport after having problems.

“Break. Strong smell of smoke in the air conditioning system makes the plane return to Santiago”, wrote Galvão Bueno at the time.

ronaldo, galvão bueno and arnaldo cézar son
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At the beginning of his career, in 2011, Luan Santana had a few good times during a trip, as his jet had to make an emergency landing in São José do Rio Preto, in the interior of São Paulo. The situation happened after a radar failure, caused by heavy rains and a lot of turbulence.

luan santana on the jet
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2016 was a year of many scares involving planes. Lexa and Mc Guimê were flying when the aircraft went through a very strong turbulence outbreak, which scared the couple a lot. “We went through difficult times, I’ve never seen death so close! It was desperate!”, reported the singer at the time.

lexa and mc guime
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