See how Ariana Grande preps her skin for makeup

In 2021, on November 15, singer Ariana Grande launched her own makeup brand, REM Beauty. The brand name refers to a song by the singer from the album ‘Sweetener’. However, the products are not yet available for sale in Brazil.

Since the launch of the brand, Ariana has been sharing some skin care and make-up content with fans on REM’s Instagram and YouTube channel. she shares her beauty tips.

Ariana Grande’s Skin Prep

In some videos, she talks about her dark circles, which is why she likes to apply a cream or primer with a refreshing action to the eye area, before foundation or concealer. One of her tips is to leave the moisturizer in the fridge to increase the refreshing feeling.

Ariana shows off her skin preparation (Video: Playback/Instagram)

On the rest of her face, she uses thermal water — which, as well, the cream is her brand — before and after makeup.

starting to make

After preparing the skin with skincare products, Ariana Grande begins to apply make-up, starting with a high-coverage concealer, to disguise the circles, in addition, she also uses the concealer on other parts of her face. Once this is done, she uses the loose translucent powder.

Ariana shows how she likes her makeup (Video: Playback / Instagram)

To give her face a blush, she uses a very small amount of blush, providing a simple and matte result, as the artist and businesswoman does not like glowing skin, as she prefers to use glitter only on the lips (item used a lot by her, and one of your favorites from your brand).

With this, the muse shows that she is a fan of a more basic skin, “clean” and minimalist, leaving boldness to the eyes. One of her trademarks is the cat eyeliner.

Featured photo: Ariana Grande, with her brand’s products. Reproduction / Instagram

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