“See you in heaven.” Blocked by passengers

Drunk, perhaps even after taking drugs, he began to pray. Then to rave. Finally, to threaten – and to try – to open the emergency door in full flight. Terror for passengers on board the Boeing of the TUI Airways en route from Paphos to Manchester. Which literally – and physically – had to block a man who tried to open the aircraft door, before the intervention of the crew. As a result, the flight was “hijacked” for safety reasons to Zagreb.

Emergency landing of the Lamezia-Perugia flight: one hundred passengers in shock. “Do you know what fear is?”

Passengers said they saw the man take a cocaine-like substance and pray on the floor of the Boeing, before threatening other passengers and cabin crew, the Manchester Evening News reported. Panic and screams all over the plane when the man tried to open the emergency exit: it was the other passengers who blocked him.


A passenger, named Kirsty, was sitting with her husband and two children when chaos erupted. You described the incident as “the scariest experience of my life”. She told the tabloid that the man pointed to her and her children shouting: “See you in heaven.” “As she crouched on the floor praying, I screamed for help. The only help I received was that of my husband who took the situation in hand to defend and protect everyone on this flight ».

James Rawcliffe, 38, was sitting in the front of the plane with his wife and daughter when he noticed a commotion in the back of the plane: “There were a lot of people walking up to the boy and trying to calm him down. Then an off-duty police officer also intervened. As he knelt down he said “I’ll see you all in heaven”, then went to the door to try and open it before three guys jumped on him. There were screams, crying and pure panic ».

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