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Every week, our music journalists add songs to the playlist Press on Spotify. Here are three recent titles that are in our selection.

Colour, highway

Typical summer song performed by Montreal trio Le Couleur. And with that title… might we dare say it’s easy to imagine speeding down a deserted street with the windows rolled down and the music blaring. Also, it is a very synth pop music, but it also has a love for guitars and percussion. A pleasant mix of dance, disco and alternative. And the text is directed by the voice of Lawrence Ji-do, describing the final moments of a certain Barbara at the wheel of her car, before a fatal accident at high speed. Yes, it’s all at the same time Autobahn.

Loud and yes setidon, nothing to do

Photo provided by Didier Charette, Joy Ride

yes setidon and loud

During his show at Franco’s, Loud brought several guests on stage. Or was Citidon one of them. Few of the thousands of people who came to the festival knew him, but they were immediately charmed by this Congolese-born Quebecer living in Laval, who interpreted very rhythmically. you yourself know With Montreal Rapper. The “artistic and human attraction between the two artists” spawned another song: nothing to do, Which is even more attractive. Both songs have been combined into a music video and a mini-EP, double featureProduced by AC, Ajust, Realmind, RuffSound, Tim Buren and Tracks Like a Ninja.

Yes, Lost

Photo provided by Bonsound

singer yeselt

French singer-songwriter Yseult begins a new chapter with the release of this track Lost, a heartwarming ballad that announces beautiful things to come. The revelation of the year for the Victoires de la Musique 2021 has been a very discreet one after canceling its tour to better care for itself. But her comeback has been shaping up for a while and Yseult has struck a chord with this piano-voice piece wrapped in a magnificent string arrangement, where she says goodbye to someone she loved. If we don’t yet know what the French singer has in store for us, we are happy to have her back with this piece that confirms all of her talent.

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