Selena Gomez and other artists textões in defense of Taylor Swift


Several celebrities came out to Taylor, Scooter Braun, and the writer of it, on the Big Machine Records label

On Thursday (14), Taylor Swift charged Scooter Braun you and your partner, Scott Borchettathe owners of the record label, Big Machine, and the holder of the rights to the songs in it before Loverthey prohibited her to sing the songs of old to your on the The American Music Awardsthat takes place on the 24th of November, and he intended to honour her as an Artist of the Decade.

Second, the fact that they, too, would have been that it incluísses of their songs at a special Series in which he was working. The Big Machine Records label, however, claims that Taylor did not want to close any kind of agreement with them, and she estaia and millions of dollars to the company.

A rep for the blonde woman, then said to the businessmen, saying that it is the writer who owes$7.9 million for the artist. That, however, wasn’t it? Luckily, Tay has a lot of friends who support you, and you have made textões on social media to try to push the Big Machine to release the songs for it.

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Just look at what some of the celebrities wrote:


“My heart is so heavy right now. I am disgusted and extremely angry about it. (I don’t care if there is any retaliation). This is, in my opinion. It is to be greedy, manipulator, and [sobre] power. There’s no heart or thought for anyone else. There is no respect for the words that she writes since she was 14 years old, in his bedroom. You stole it and destroyed it [a chance de] one of the best compositoras of our time to celebrate all of your music to your fans and to the world.

I know, Taylor, is 13 years old. It is one of the women who are most dedicated, driven, determined, and stronger than I’ve ever seen. Thepeople can say the word ‘bitch’, but what I am saying to you is that as soon as you call a woman with true identity and strength, and that you don’t agree, man. I listened to Fearless before it was released and I remember people jumping up on the bed, and she was just glowing, so proud of her journal to be read by the whole world. The nerve of people who don’t like it… But it has become one of the greatest albums, and the album, which has saved a lot of young women who felt that they were on their own. They have had their heart broken. They were in the process of healing. For those who felt that they were invisible. It gave a voice to those who didn’t know they had one. Believe in your dreams, again and again. I continued to watch as she constantly challenged him to create a wonderful life that belonged only to her. So, I can tell you that the MOST important thing for you to Taylor’s family, her love, her fans and her MUSIC. I really, really hope it will happen a change in this unfortunate situation.

You see, my best friend (or any of my friends being constantly put down is the worst feeling. The Taylor fight. It will never cease to fight. They grow in making the right choices. Some will stay the same. I just want a change.”


“As a fan of the music of Taylor since a long time, I’ve got some of the best memories of my life listening to the first album of hers. I remember listening to the songs A Love Story or The “You Belong With Me” or The Best Dayin the Reputation the Tour, and tears for how much these songs mean to me…. It is heart-breaking and the world was robbed of something important and beautiful and that she will not be able to sing these songshis life’s work to her fans.

How can a writer do that with a recording artist? I can’t imagine my life without the moments when I listen to the music of the Times, and it brings me back to being a romantic with no hope for a 13 years old in my bedroom, and I am who I want to be and how I want to feel it.

For all the fans of it, and even more so for her, it is not just the music. They are the memories that make old friends come together. They are the remedy. They are a joy. I can not imagine how painful it must be for you, @taylorswift. I just can’t understand how this could happen. A writer is not supposed to be able to do it with the person who made it. Whatever it is that needs to happen to fix this situation, you have to be there.”


“Not only are we looking at a bad move for a business that would be required to allow Taylor to present his music, as this would direct to the discovery of a book of which, currently, they benefit from it???), but, that’s just cruel. This is to try to silence it, to talk about things, and hanging it by the neck. These people are protected because they inspire us being in fear. If you bancam under the illusion that we the people are not going to be imposed upon them. What in the world is going to tell her that she is overreacting. You are barking at the wrong tree. This is the grace and the patience, it is in these moments that have made her the Artist of the Decade”.


“Scott and Scooter, do you know what is the right thing to do. Taylor and his fans deserve to celebrate the music.”


“In solidarity with Taylor, here. This seems to be a horrible thing. And people still wonder why the song hasn’t had a movement in #MeToo?”


“The abuse of power is outrageous and completely inexcusable”.



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