Selena Gomez changes her look and shows off the bixie cut with bangs

S.Elena Gomez he lets himself be tempted by one of the short cuts for women most loved of the moment. And she surprises everyone with a short and voluminous bob cut in which even the bangs are wavy and disheveled.

Selena Gomez welcomes spring with a new look

Better smooth or curly? The eternal dilemma ignites comments from fans of Selena Gomez, who is now back on social media with her new spring hairstyle. Also known as the great catchphrase of the past months: the bixie cut.

Selena Gomez

The new bixie hairstyle moved with the pop star fringe. (Instagram photo @selenagomez)

The hybrid cut that stars like

Made from celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita, the hybrid flavor cut 90’s is currently very popular with stars and contends with medium scaled bob the scepter of king of the hairstyles of the spring 2022.

The trendiest (and practical) haircuts for the summer?  Bob, pixie and shag

The trendiest (and practical) haircuts for the summer?  Bob, pixie and shag

Exactly halfway between the pixie and the short bob, is deliberately disheveled and has a very light soft texture. The 29-year-old pop star surprisingly combines it with an unprecedented one short bangs and curly after many months of hairstyles with a free forehead and parted in the middle or to the side.

hair star

Selena Gomez’s winter hairstyles.

The basic make-up with dark manicure

The marched cut it just touches the shoulders and frames the face where the eyebrows are intense but not excessively dark. The makeup of the eyes is the stylistic code of the pop star: black eye-liner end + mascara dark.

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While the mouth is painted with the matte lipstick in a soft peach pink nuance defined by the lip pencilthe irresistible rock and modern note of this beauty look comes from the manicure: with the purple nail polish and the short nails rounded.


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