Selena Gomez dares, puts it on and this happens! So down the street


This month marks a month since the official release of Selena Gomez’s latest album. Rare is titled this new work of the Texan singer, which does not stop sweeping digital music platforms and stations around the world. The first since in 2015 she released Revival.

And when she still remains at the top of the charts and Selena continues to succeed, the girl has already announced another release. Although in this case, it is not a new album or single.

Selena Gomez follows in the footsteps of Rihanna and Kylie Jenner

As has been known this week, Gomez will join the trend set by Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, and will soon launch her own makeup line. It will be called Rare Beauty, sharing its name with its new album and will be on sale in both America and Europe. Yes, it will also lead to the Old Continent.

Undoubtedly, one more example that the artist is almost completely recovered. And we say ‘almost’ because recently she herself recognized that she still has some “self-esteem problems.” So she confessed in an interview with Spotify.

“Obviously I still have a lot of self-esteem problems. I still struggle with security and it will be something I will always work with. Rare made me feel amazing. That name was very important to me since I heard it, ” Selena revealed.

However, taking into account what happened with lupus, kidney transplantation and the rupture with Justin Bieber, which led her to suffer a deep depression, it can be said that Selena Gomez is seen in a very good condition.

Selena’s most daring model to go out

An opinion shared by her fans, who celebrate it on social networks. And they do it by sharing some of Selena’s most daring photos, wishing she would be 100% again as she was in the past.

Images like the one we share below, in which Selena went outside with a mini skirt over a body with an endless opening in the front.



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