Selena Gomez FINALLY reveals why she no longer follows Dua Lipa on social media

Last June, the public panicked when they learned that Instagram’s most followed female celebrity had unfollowed certain celebrities.

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We learned, among other things, that she had removed Zayn Malik from her subscription list following their few inconclusive meetings and we understand. However, Zayn is not the only one to have suffered this fate. There’s been Gigi and Bella Haid, Zendaya and even mega star Dua Lipa has also had the treatment, but not for the same reasons.

At the time of the events, a source close to Selena Gomez told the media “that there was no bad feeling towards anyone who had been deleted by Selena”, to calm things down.

The vague response, however, remained unanswered until this week, when Selena finally responded to rumors of a cold relationship between the singer of Levitating and she. Fortunately, it turns out that there is no bickering between the two stars!

In an interview with the American magazine Fast Companywhere Selena spoke, among other things, about the growth and foundations of her company Rare Beauty, the singer also had to answer some slightly funnier questions.

Being followed by more than 430 million subscribers on Instagram, the interpreter of Calm Down made some confidences about his management of social networks. Selena laughingly admitted that unfollowing Dua Lipa was just an accident. “I was just cleaning up part of my Instagram and then someone called me and said, ‘What happened with Dua?’

Quickly, Selena simply resubscribed to the British-Albanian singer.

All’s well That ends well!

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