Selena Gomez: “I faced bipolarity, getting informed and studying”

It’s 2020 when Selena Gomez discovers she is bipolar and decides to tell the world about it, during a live Instagram, with her colleague and friend Miley Cyrus. More than two years have passed since this announcement and the singer, just as sincerely, has chosen to share how they manage the effects of the disease in everyday life: informing yourself as much as possible. Knowing in depth the disorder he suffers from helps him to live with it, without being overwhelmed by it, and to be less afraid of the future.

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As he recounted in his upcoming documentary, My mind & meafter being diagnosed by a specialized mental health center, Gomez he had no idea how to handle this information and most importantly, how his life would change. About her She wondered if she would be able to cope with what awaited her and what this meant for her, her family and her work.

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The solution has arrived from advice her mother gave her as a child to face his fear of tornadoes and thunderstorms. “I grew up in Texas and a thunderstorm, especially a lot of lightning, meant one thing: a tornado coming and I was very scared,” she explained. Her mother, to reassure her, tried to buy her a book which explained what tornadoes were and what triggered them. A choice that helped her as a child, just like now: «Knowing always helps – he added – and I try to know as much as possible about my illness and this reassures me a lot ».

Speaking out and raising awareness about mental health issues is one of the causes the actress has been fighting for for years. You have created a platform dedicated to this type of problem as well as promoted numerous fundraisers to help associations that deal with them. «Knowing what caused my mood swings – she underlined some time ago – and that there was a way to keep them at bay and cure them, it absolved me of guilt and gave me back control of my life».

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