Selena Gomez: ‘I’m finally me’


“Only Murders In The Building”Selena Gomez: ‘I’m finally me’

Selena Gomez reprises her role in “Only Murders In The Building,” season 3 of which premieres August 8, 2023 on Disney+. She evokes “the honor and the challenge” of playing with Meryl Streep.

Henry Arnaud

Henry Arnaud

In “Only Murders In The Building”, Selena Gomez can play a girl her age.

In “Only Murders In The Building”, Selena Gomez can play a girl her age.


“Only Murders In The Building” (OMITB) starts this August 8 on Disney + with the new season 3. Selena Gomez resumes her role of Mabel who lives in a building in New York, where the murders seem to follow one another.

Your series was an immediate success from its first season, surprise?

This came as a huge surprise, as I didn’t expect ‘OMITB’ to go beyond its first year at all. Honestly, I wasn’t looking to be on a soap opera. It was just for me an original project which changed from my previous artistic activities and which allows me to play a girl of my age, no longer a teenager like before.

You are an actress but also a producer. What is your involvement?

I can give my opinion but also take an interest in the scripts as well as in the choice of other actors. Cara Delevingne is a girlfriend. We have known each other since we were teenagers. It was therefore a pleasure to have it in season 2. The new episodes that are coming are even stronger and hilarious. Being a producer is also an advantage because when I read the script for a new episode, I can ask for a change if I find that a line does not correspond to my character of Mabel.

What can we expect from this season 3?

Meryl Streep joins us. I’m a fan of the actress but also of the woman she is. Playing alongside him is an honor and a challenge.

I play and sing since childhood. But I was never sure of my skills. With these great actors, I continue to learn and, finally, to gain confidence in myself.

What about Steve Martin and Martin Short who play your building neighbors in “OMITB”?

They are like my TV uncles. Both are always ready to advise me both in my career and in my life, which I appreciate. Steve and Martin also treat me as equals when it comes to giving their opinion on the set. It is rewarding.

You have also agreed to tell your personal problems, both physical and mental, in a documentary available on Apple TV+, why?

I am finally me. I knew I was ready to leave my past behind me to start a new stage in my career and my life as a woman. Sharing the difficult years that I have just gone through and talking about them in this documentary “My Mind & Me” allows me to close this chapter. Turning 30 is like a fresh start. For a long time, strangers who approached me came to ask me to take a selfie. Today, I can have conversations with strangers on many topics, without having to pose for a photo. I’m not just seen as a celebrity anymore.

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