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The day after the MTV VMA ceremony, Selena Gomez reacted to this abundance of diversions with a big rant, directly expressing his annoyance : “I will never become a meme again. In the future, I prefer to keep quiet, rather than be flaunted for simply being myself“.

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The party is over. It must be said that Internet users are not deprived of relaying her very expressive expressions by making their audience believe that the singer was reacting with disgust or exasperation to a colleague, or a fellow artist. A flood of fake news which has somewhat killed the atmosphere. While delivering an image of the singer that is not necessarily pleasant. She preferred to relay photos of herself with Taylor Swift. BFFs?

If a majority of tweets seem rather to emphasize the funny character of the star, and her ability to express her emotions with great vivacity (remember that the singer is also an actress, and very funny at that), Selena Gomez especially came out tired . Legitimate: seeing each of these random images being commented on in abundance or even absurdly overinterpreted should not be the most comfortable spectacle there is.

No matter: the space of her Insta story, Selena Gomez still sends “lots of love” to his hundreds of millions of followers, even the most teasing ones. Waiting for the next MTV Awards?

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