Selena Gomez Is Tired of Having Bad Luck With Her Love Stories?

Is young singer Selena Gomez fed up with having bad luck in love? We’ll give you more details.

Singer Selena Gomez would be fed up with bad luck with her love stories!


In the past, the young singer has not only had beautiful love stories. The relationship that marked Selena Gomez the most will always be the one she had with singer Justin Bieber.

Indeed, the two artists got to know each other when they were still teenagers. And both were still at the very beginning of their respective careers.

If today the two singers have become big international stars, their love story has not survived over time. Indeed, after years of making their fans dream with their love story worthy of a film, the two lovers ended up separating. 

And it seems that Selena Gomez struggled to recover from this breakup. Even if later, she succumbed to the charm of the young artist The Weeknd, the young woman was deeply touched by this separation.

Often, the young singer has returned to her relationship with the one who now spins the perfect love with Hailey Baldwin. Indeed, the two singers seem to have lived a rather complicated relationship.

The pretty brunette would even go on to say that it was an abusive relationship. Indeed, in one of her songs, the young woman evokes the psychological violence of which she was a victim. 

Even today, the revelations about her couple do not seem to be exhausted yet. This time the young woman confided in Vogue about her past relationships. We tell you more.



For Vogue magazine, the young woman, therefore, decided to confide in her past relationships. And the pretty brunette still seems touched by some relationships she has experienced.

Without citing the names of her ex-boyfriends, Selena Gomez, therefore, returned to some of her love stories. “I think most of my relationship experiences have been damned. » Confides the young woman with an open heart. 

“I was much too young to be exposed to certain things when I was in a relationship,” she adds. A sad observation that would have inspired Selena Gomez to find the title of her latest album “Rare”.

“I think I needed to find the word that suited me the most,” she explains. Before adding “because I felt so inferior in my old relationships, and never felt like an equal to another”.

So she explains that she needed this word to define how she felt about herself. The pretty brunette released her album Rare in 2020. Either after 5 years of absence from the music scene. 

His fans also immediately imagined that some of his songs evoked his relationship with his exes. Especially the one with Justin Bieber! Without too much surprise.

But also The Weeknd. Note that the young singer has also dated singer Nick Jonas and Zedd in the past. Today, she seems to have opted for celibacy.

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