Selena Gomez puts her hand in there and touches that: Watch the video! Trending topic in the USA


The images of the American singer that burst social networks

Selena Gomez has once again left her followers with her mouth open. And, once again, the American singer has become a trending topic in the United States. And it is that a video of the singer in the famous Jimmy Fallon program, one of the most-watched on American television, has generated many comments on social networks.

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In fact, it is very common that every time Selena goes to the famous presenter’s show, the networks turn to her. However, these images have gone a step further.

Selena Gomez’s video

Among other things because Selena has returned to ‘fall’ into one of the program’s pitfalls. And it is usual that each and every one of the guests who go through the program undergoes some test that, in theory, must certainly be uncomfortable for them.

In this case, that test has been one of the most fun times for viewers and usually more embarrassing for the protagonists. And it is that Selena and Jimmy had to put their hand inside a container in which they did not know what was inside.

The ‘surprise’ was neither more nor less than worms. A funny scene, especially when the two have realized what they had been playing, which has generated many comments on the networks. Each and every one of them very positive for the singer.

And it seems that Selena’s natural and funny character is what American fans like the most. ” I love to watch Selena having fun”, “Best of all is that no fakes, so” “His chemistry with Jimmy is more than obvious, and that makes their visits are very funny ” or “What a poor disgust … to the least she has taken it with good humor ”are some of the many comments in this regard.

We will see what awaits Selena in the next visits to the Fallon show. Of course, it will be difficult to overcome this fun moment.



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