Selena Gomez responds to Hailey Bieber: ‘Words matter’

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And on time, following the laws of physics, the reply of Selena Gomez at the interview in which Hailey Bieber he was telling “the whole truth” (or at least his version of events) about the beginning of his relationship with Justin BieberSelena’s ex.

«Words are important, really important», declared the founder of the brand Rare Beauty in a live on TikTokthen partly shared on Twitter. “There are things I really didn’t feel the need to know about, mean and disgusting things. And it’s not nice because no one should ever be the recipient of such a way of speaking,” she added cryptically. “It’s terribly ironic that all of this happens when I’m about to release something that’s all about kind words, because kind words are exactly what I want», she concluded referring to her new upcoming lipstick, which she called her own Kind Words Matte lipstick.

With a lot of craftsmanshiptherefore, the actress without making explicit references he replied to Hailey Bieber’s words that yes exonerated from the accusation of having “robbed” Justin Bieberwith whom Selena Gomez was in a relationship on/off from 2010 to 2018. The model, who spoke on the podcast Call her daddyhe reiterated that Justin Bieber has never cheated on Selena with her and that their relationship, which later resulted in marriage, had begun long after the Canadian singer and the Texan actress had split.

“My husband was completely done with Selena for some time. She owes me nothing and no one owes anyone anything except respectMrs Bieber said. “We all know the truth about what happened and can move forward with clarity and respect, without drama».

There was no shortage of comments on social media, especially from Jelena fans, but in neither camp – pro Hailey and pro Selena – nastiness has been spared. Bad things that Gomez condemned with the video, however launching one enigmatic dig to his ex’s wife. The only one who understood the true meaning of his words.

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