Selena Gomez risks and surprises! Model of scandal: Look at it!


Selena Gomez knows very well that she is a superstar and she is worth it every time she appears in public with very spectacular models. The latter has been a real sensation despite how risky it seemed.

And it is that the American singer appeared in her last event with a black dress with a lot of naked body and hinting that she did not wear underwear since she could completely leg through the dress.

The image has surprised all her fans who see a powerful Selena Gomez again, something that she has not felt for a long time, but that seems to have recovered with the change of the year.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber

One of the news of the week has been seeing Selena Gomez having dinner together with Justin Bieber’s partner, Hailey Baldwin. Something that uncovered the box of thunder of the haters against Hailey, who accused her of having gone to the same restaurant as Selena to steal prominence in her celebration party of a new album (she has just published ‘rare’).

However, it was Selena Gomez herself who confirmed that she had met Hailey on purpose with her common friend Madison Beer.



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