Selena Gomez takes it all off and she looks so hairy: Look at the picture! (and has hours)

The image of the singer who burns social networks

Much is being said in the last hours of Selena Gomez. And it is that a controversy has been unleashed in the United States and in social networks following a fortuitous encounter of the singer with Hailey Baldwin in a restaurant.

The two went out to dinner with their respective friends, at separate tables, and many have criticized Justin Bieber’s wife for the coincidence. Some people point out that it was not precisely the result of chance.

And of course, seeing the one that was being linked, Selena has chosen to settle the issue on her social networks with a comment. Among other things because many have attacked Madison Beer, a friend of the two, for going to dinner with Hailey.

“It’s disgusting to read all this. Nothing was intentional. I am very disappointed that people express themselves in that way of someone. I’ve known Madison since I was a baby and I’ve seen her grow up to become the woman she is now. There is no problem, ”says Selena.

Selena Gomez’s picture

Perhaps that is why, wanting to remove iron from the matter, many of the singer’s followers have chosen to share an endearing photo of Selena. An image in which the American appears without a single drop of makeup and with a very hairy dog ​​that has unleashed all kinds of comments on social networks.

The vast majority of them are more than positive: ” How cute is this girl”, “It is still as natural as ever”, “Do not pay attention to Selena, focus on yours and spend time with your loved ones and pets “,” How funny the dog “,” My mother does have hair “ or” I do not know if I like the dog or her… both are very cute “are some of the many comments in this regard.

We will see if the controversy over the famous meeting in Selena and Hailey goes less in the next few hours. She with her statement and her fans with this photo are doing everything possible to make it happen.

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