Selena Gomez talks about meeting Sugar Daddy

In a recent interview with Elle and accompanied by her friends Raquelle Stevens and Ashley Cook, Selena Gomez became more comfortable to talk about her latest dates. The biggest revelation is that she dated an older man aka Sugar Daddy and the result was more than positive. She said she is very affectionate and loves hugs and more subtle touches in her relationships. Precisely for that reason, she felt more taken care of on the date.

In the conversation, she admitted that she went out with a more experienced man and really enjoyed the experience. “I believe our love languages ​​change, and we are a little bit of each, but I dated someone who was a little older and it was so wonderful. She was being taken care of somehow. It was like, “Are you comfortable? Do you want a blanket?” Just very sweet things. I thought I didn’t need any of that, but it was so kind and I don’t feel like a lot of people are like that anymore,” she mused.

The specialist in Sugar Relationships and also Communication Director of MeuPatrocínio platform, Caio Bittencourt comments that this is exactly the type of relationship that women seek nowadays, he says that: “The greatest desire of women today is a mature relationship, well -successful and without drama. They are looking for a caring, helpful man who is always concerned about his partner’s well-being and able to help wherever it is needed.”

Caio also highlights that “One of the pillars of this Sugar lifestyle is transparency and honesty. Sugar Daddy is a financially stable man and he is there to provide good experiences. Yes, that’s the dream relationship not only of young women these days but maybe everyone deep down wants someone to take their hand and say, “It’s okay, you can let me take care of you.”

Selena Gomez stressed that it was an important process to tell about it, since after some public relationships, the artist is in a more reserved phase. What really matters is being happy and even all forms of love are valid.

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