Selena Gomez, the confession about the disease: “I have a disorder”


Selena Gomez confesses about the disease discovered in recent years: to his many fans, she revealed to suffer from a mental disorder

selena Gomez
Selena Gomez bipolar disorder

The beautiful Selena Gomez it is one of the singers best-loved and most well known from the programming of music. Her songs, in fact, are always among the first in the standings for his wonderful voice, But not everyone knows, however, that the singer also hides her of the small skeletons in the closet

Selena Gomez confession shocking

The beautiful american singer in addition to being a pop star, she has secrets that she never confessed to the fans, but that he considered it appropriate to talk about it in these days so difficult. The singer has revealed to have a serious disorder who accompanies a little girl.

Selena, in fact, has talked about suffering from a bipolar disorder to his fans so much that he has told:

“I’m bipolar. But if I know myself, I’m not afraid.From small my mom gave me a book about thunderstorms, which I terrorized. He told me that most things I knew about the theme and less I was scared. It worked”

The young in fact, she confesses to often switch from euphoria, unbridled weeping, hysterical in a few minutes.

The confession Miley Cyrius

In fact, it jumped out right when Miley Cyrius in a video-call together, her fans have spoken with Gomez, asking her of her relationship with the anxiety of this period so difficult. The young man did not hesitate to answer the questions of his colleague:

“To diagnosticarmi the problem was the McLean Hospital of Belmont, Massachusetts, one of the best facilities for mental health in the United States. Unfortunately, those who suffer from it today tend to hide it to the others.”

he has confessed the singer’s recommending to his numerous fans not to be afraid to confess and to speak of our weaknesses, because by doing so we turn away people that we love and who love us.

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