Selena Gomez Unveils Her 3 Favorite Make-up Shades for This Summer!

Selena Gomez has just delighted her fans by teasing her favorite shades from her “Rare Beauty” range via her social networks!

As the summer holidays are fast approaching, Selena Gomez has decided to unveil her favorite shades from her make-up brand “Rare Beauty”. In any case, his nice post could well inspire you.


Over the years, Selena Gomez has become one of the most influential stars of her generation. Talented and versatile, she is brilliantly illustrated in the world of music!

Last I heard, all is well for her! After having delighted his audience with his opus “Rare”, he star-struck again by unveiling his EP in Spanish: “Revelación”.

Unsurprisingly, the success was there… Not to change! Yes, this new musical project ranked at the top of the charts as soon as it was released.

“I did not expect to be number 1” confided the pretty brunette for “Billboard”. ”  It’s always a little tense when you are about to release an album, we put so many things in there”.

But also: ”  For this EP specifically, I was so nervous, as I rarely have been, because my origins mean so much to me, and I’ve been talking about making this album for at least 10 years”.

And to conclude: “  I wanted it to be perfect. I am delighted to see the reactions of my fans but also of people who do not necessarily listen to my other songs ”. 

Parallel to this, Selena Gomez also continues to manage with one hand to master the cosmetics brand “Rare Beauty”. For the summer holidays, she has also unveiled shades that you might really like!


A true marketing pro, Selena Gomez has therefore thought of a nice range that could become essential this summer. Via bright and ultra-trendy shades, she has also thought of everything to enhance the pretty features of your face.

“Here’s your daily reminder to ‘stay vulnerable’, folks! Which shade from the #StayVulnerable collection is your favorite for the summer? “, Has also made known the account Instagram of” Rare Beauty “.

Between glosses and blushes, you would be spoiled for choice! In the comments of his post, Internet users all seem to be won over by his products.

“I’ll buy all the shades!” They are really beautiful ”, we can read. But also: “OMG. The last slide… the color is amazing? Thank you, Selena ”. No doubt all these compliments will delight the main interested party.

To fill her community, Selena Gomez always puts the small dishes in the big ones. And she only wants the best for her consumers!

Via his ranges, the interpreter of “Wolves” advocates above all “self-acceptance” and “diversity of beauty” as “Marie Claire” emphasizes so well. Add to this that Justin Bieber’s ex also enjoys giving countless tutorials to inspire his fans.

Available in Sephora stores in France, this brand has it all. Believe us!

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