Selena Gomez will end her career soon? The star spoke up

Let us remind you that at the beginning of the year Selena Gomez gave a candid interview to “Vogue”, in which she admitted that she thought about ending her career.

“It’s hard to keep making music when people don’t necessarily take you seriously. I’ve had moments when I wonder why I’m doing this, what’s the point of it. I consider ‘Lose You to Love Me’ to be the best song I’ve ever released, and for some it’s still was not enough. I think there are many people who like my music and I am very grateful to them for that, I keep doing it thanks to them. But I think when I release the next album it will be different. I want to try again before I retire ” – she announced.

The singer then added that she would not like to completely abandon the entertainment industry. She would prefer to focus on acting.

This confession from Gomez caused quite a stir among her fans and her friends in the music industry. Cardi B She publicly advised her friend against this decision, saying that instead of withdrawing from music, she should start shocking her.

A few months after the interview, the singer refined her previous statement. This time, he claims that he will never quit making music.

“I didn’t say I would quit music. I said I don’t want a Grammy. I feel like I am doing everything I can and everything is about me. Sometimes it can really touch you,” she admitted in an interview with “Elle”.

For now, Gomez’s discography is closed by the EP “Revelación” recorded in Spanish, which was released in March 2021.

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