Selena Gomez’s most daring shirt opens and leaves nothing to the imagination!


Selena Gomez has surprised everyone in the cover image of Dazed magazine where she has appeared in a spectacular dress with an open neckline that leaves nothing to the imagination and has delighted her fans.

In the interview, Selena Gomez talked about her Hispanic origins and how proud she is of her last name Gomez and how good she feels to feel like a representative of the Hispanic community.

And it is that the American singer has recognized that her grandparents had to cross from Mexico to the United States illegally so that she could live.

Selena Gomez fans have not hesitated to praise her spectacular photography and the interview in which she wanted to fight racism in many places in the United States with the Hispanic community.

The singer, who was questioned by Bud Bunny, won an interview that had very tricky questions for her but was able to solve more than correctly.


Rihanna has opened a path among the most famous singers that Selena Gomez wants to take advantage of being the pioneer in getting into other businesses not related to music, but that has to do with her personal brand.

Selena Gomez has taken advantage of her pull to make a new makeup line that she hopes will become one of the references worldwide.



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