Selena recalls the sexualization of her body as a teenager: “I was very ashamed”

selena gomez body sexualization

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Selena Gomez is increasingly open to revealing details about her private life (love matters aside, where several years after the end of the relationship with Justin Bieber it is said to be secretly fiancée with Chris Evans), as well as regarding his physical and mental health conditions.

This is how the singer and actress, who became popular at a young age on Disney Channel along with other illustrious colleagues such as Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande And Miley Cyrus, she said she was exposed to rather uncomfortable situations at the time, as a teen actress on the series Wizards of Waverly, she became a solo pop star.

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During a round table organized by theHollywood Reporters in May 2022 (whose content of the debate, however, has only been disclosed in the last few hours), Selena he had the opportunity to meet with other celebs such as Amy Schumer, Tracee Ellis Ross and Molly Shannon, with whom he spoke about multiple topics ranging from work to lives spent away from the spotlight.

The star of The only murders in the building she said she was happy with the career she has managed to build over the years, however, affirming the moment of difficulty at the beginning of her career due to the excessive sexualization (and exposure) of her body, showcased on the cover of the 2015 album Revivalwhich contained songs such as “Survivors”, “Good for you” and “Hands to myself”.

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“It’s really unfair,” Gomez began, referring to the system that made her feel compelled to show herself naked on the cover of her second album (whose title, however, is never said openly by the singer); a choice that she regrets today because in the past it made her suffer a lot. “I felt that it was very difficult for people to take me seriously,” explained Selena who, at the time of the events, she was not yet in possession of the necessary tools to face a world that is not as easy as that of entertainment.

“I was very ashamed for doing it. I had to process those feelings because I realized that this thing was creeping up on me in a deep way », she continued Selena Gomezwhose album Revival he came out when he was just 24 years old.[/instagram

«Ovviamente in quel periodo stavo attraversando una rottura molto difficile», ha raccontato Selena Gomez riferendosi a Justin Bieber, al quale è stata legata dal 2010 al 2018. «Poi sono entrati in scena i miei problemi medici: avevo a che fare con il lupus e con alcuni problemi ai reni. In realtà è stato un periodo davvero difficile», ha ammesso l’attrice di Un giorno di pioggia a New York (film con Timothée Chalamet), la quale si è detta più che felice della donna che è riuscita a diventare anche grazie alle difficoltà affrontate nel corso della sua vita e che l’hanno portata a essere «davvero orgogliosa di come sono riuscita a uscirne».

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