Selma Blair, father’s girlfriend used a poison pen to write to Drew Barrymore!

Guest of the new episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the star of Cruel Intentions Selma Blair she told her colleague a story from her book, Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up. A story from the past that directly concerns the former star of ET – The Extraterrestrial and involves the family of Selma Blair.

“I was very close to my mother. And with my father it was a friendship on and off. It never worked. Since he did something so unthinkable for me, I would never call him dad again, really” said Blair, best known for her roles in comedies of the 90s and early 2000s; in 2021 Selma Blair recreated a curtain with Sarah Michelle Gellar, colleague and friend with whom she starred in Cruel Intentions.

The actress says her relationship with her father became strained when she got a movie role. Someone, posing as a talent scout, wrote a letter to the producers claiming that Selma was a heroin addict. A lie that cost Selma Blair the sack.

The actress’ speech continues:“A detective said to me ‘We know this isn’t you’ – maybe a year later – ‘but someone wrote letters to Drew Barrymore in a poison pen signed Selma Blair'”.
Then the shocking discovery: to send those letters was father’s girlfriend of the actress. Barrymore reassured her colleague, stating that those letters from her never reached her. After reading the book Drew Barrymore decided to talk about it on his show.

It’s not the latest bizarre tale involving Blair. In May, Seth Macfarlane said he was bitten by Selma Blair during a party several years ago.

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