Selma Blair, in Dancing with the Stars with multiple sclerosis

Selma Blairwonderful American actress, performer of Cruel Intentions And Hellboyin recent times he has thinned out his film activity but has continued to have the spotlight on him, due to the battle he is fighting, with strength and courage, against the multiple sclerosiswhich she was diagnosed with in 2018.

Since then, through ups and downs, Selma documents his battle. The actress has been through some difficult times and to date walk with the help of a stick and suffers from dysarthria. But this hasn’t stopped her from continuing to lead as normal a life as possible and, indeed, from agreeing to participate in Dancing with the StarsAmerican version of Dancing with the Stars.

Selma Blair, a Dancing with the Stars with sclerosis

Her debut, which took place on Monday, September 19, 2022. “I have underestimated myself in the past and I want to prove that I was wrong,” Blair said on stage on Monday. “I don’t want to underestimate myself anymore“.

Selma danced with her teacher Sasha Farber, to the tune of a Viennese waltz slow and exciting, without a stick, moving with mastery and grace.

Wrapped in a wonderful wisteria-colored dress, the actress performed slow vaulting with Farber to the tune of “The Time of My Life” by Dave Cook

In the finale, unexpectedly, Sasha spun Selma on the floor holding her arm over her head and sparking the thunderous applause of the audience.

Selma Blair, the moving debut in Dancing with the Stars

The choreographer, dancer and judge of the program Carrie Ann Inaba praised the performance, saying that Selma “danced like a true artist”.

“I am so moved to see someone from the invisible disease community dancing … Seeing you here with your heavy baggage making us all aware that you are fully capable of doing and achieving whatever you can think of, it moves me,” Inaba said in tears. “You were so powerful!”

Selma’s lesson and example are important and fundamental to convey hope to all those suffering from similar diseases. Because life does not stop, indeed it must continue, as the actress says, with “greater courage and responsibility, without ever underestimating herself”.

Selma Blair, the Emmy Award received for her battle

Selma recently received an award at the Emmy Awards 2022. The actress received a standing ovation from the audience Monday at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for her courageous battle with multiple sclerosis.

The 50-year-old actress was showered with cheers as she made her way to the center of the stage, saying to the audience “I’m so, so honored” and thanking them as her eyes betrayed the emotion.

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