Senate committee against new rules for prosumers’ billing

Senators from the climate committee, who are considering the amendment to the act on renewable energy sources, voted yesterday against the provisions passed by the Sejm. At the same time, a vote was passed to introduce a new draft act regulating the settlements of prosumers, which was proposed by the Civic Coalition, to the Senate’s agenda.

The day before yesterday, work on the amendment to the act on renewable energy sources to change the rules of prosumers’ settlements in the Senate began with a meeting of the National Economy and Innovation Committee and the Environment Committee.

Members of these committees voted – with no votes against – for the adoption of the solutions contained in the amendment to the RES Act, which was passed last month by the Sejm, which provides for the introduction of new rules for prosumers’ billing in the form of selling unused surplus energy at an average price from the wholesale market. This system is to cover prosumers who report the connection of micro-installations after March 31, 2022. Persons who report the connection earlier will still be able to use the existing discount system for up to 15 years.

On Wednesday, Senate committees adopted an amendment assuming the extension of the period of entry into the discount system for installations co-financed from EU funds under the so-called umbrella projects.

This amendment assumes that people who sign an EU subsidy for home photovoltaics by the end of the first quarter of 2022 will have until the end of 2023 to report the connection of micro-installations and then they will still be able to settle accounts in the discount system.

Yesterday, the Senate Climate Committee dealt with the amendment to the RES Act concerning the principles of settling prosumers, and here the voting result was different.

The majority of senators on this committee voted against the amendment to the RES Act passed in the Sejm.

At the same time, the chairman of the Climate Committee, Senator of the Civic Coalition, Stanisław Gawłowski, submitted a motion to initiate proceedings in the Senate on a project containing alternative settlement rules for prosumers, submitted by KO. The majority of committee members supported this request.

The Senate meeting scheduled for next week should be of key importance for the future of the new rules of prosumers’ settlements. If the majority of senators during the plenary session support the rejection of the amendment to the RES Act passed last month by deputies – or submit amendments to it – then the Senate’s resolutions on this matter will be dealt with by the Sejm.

In order to reject the Senate’s amendments, the Sejm will need an absolute majority of deputies’ votes.

Earlier, 222 PiS MPs, one Kukiz15 MP (Stanisław Żuk) and two non-attached MPs (Zbigniew Ajchler and Łukasz Mejza) voted in favor of the law introducing new rules for settling prosumers in the Sejm.

212 opposition MPs voted against the act. If a larger number of MPs from clubs that voted against the act appeared at the meeting (among others, 7 KO MPs were missing), then the act could be rejected.

Civic Coalition project

The draft amendment to the act on renewable energy sources submitted by the Civic Coalition, which is to be dealt with by the Senate next week, assumes leaving a discount system for new prosumers – in the part concerning the energy component. At the same time, KO wants to introduce a 30% discount on the part of energy bills related to distribution, but only prosumers with home energy storage could use it.

In addition, the draft act notified by KO is to include a provision that would enable the production of renewable energy without the need to establish business in installations with a capacity of up to 100 kW.

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