Senate. Tomasz Grodzki endangered: Donald Tusk wants to cut him down

It is no secret that things are not going well in the opposition Senate Chancellery. Backstage, officials fondly recall the times Stanisław Karczewski from PiS. – If the rank and file say that the previous marshal was a “golden man”, I am shocked. And Donald is well aware of the situation – explains one of the activists of the Civic Coalition to Interia. His words are confirmed by a large turnover among the law firm’s employees and reports of a poor working atmosphere.

Another opposition senator tells us that the Senate authorities are even … checking the social media of individual politicians. For example: through the list of friends on Facebook, they investigate who may be the source of a leak for the press or unfavorable comments Tomasz Grodzki.

It is hardly surprising because the great ego of the marshal has already become the object of numerous mockery and anecdotes. In order not to look far: the images of deputy marshals have already been removed from the Senate’s website in order to display the photo of the most important politician in the chamber. It seems, however, that this is the least of the marshal’s problems. Accusations of bribes remain to be clarified, to which the ruling camp returns from time to time.

So far, the prosecutor’s office has already sent the Senate two motions in this matter, but Grodzki has not waived his immunity himself, and the documents have been placed in the cabinet of Deputy Marshal Bogdan Borusewicz from PO. According to “Wprost”, Tusk believes that the matter is a burden for the entire grouping and that it should be resolved as soon as possible. However, the PO leader publicly defended his party colleague.

Tomasz Grodzki is a victim of a campaign, because he is a guarantor that PiS does not have a majority in the Senate – said Tusk in October 2021. As we heard, the Speaker of the Senate told the party leader that he would not voluntarily waive his immunity. And Tusk does not know what he should do. He fears the reaction of his coalition partners and the loss of the Senate majority.

Our information shows that in the context of a possible change in the marshal’s chair in the lobby, two names can be heard: it is about Sławomir Rybicki and Bogdan Zdrojewski. Both were already contenders for this position, but the first politician is directly associated with the head of the PO and is to be his favorite. Zdrojewski’s advantage is due to the fact that the coalition partners looked at him favorably. In turn, the current marshal is also in favor of his deputies, because after the castling Bogdan Borusewicz if Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka they cannot be at all sure that they will remain deputy marshals.

– Currently I am not involved in any talks, I have not received any offer. That is why my candidacy is not on the table – said Interia Zdrojewski. – I will not comment on the change of the marshal. I am not involved in any activities that could lead to it. If you mention my name, that’s nice, but I have nothing to say about it. We have a stable majority and we stick to it – Rybicki swears.

Opposition senators from outside Civic Coalition Our reports on a group of politicians from the Civic Platform (PO) demanding the replacement of the marshal confirm. However, they don’t believe anything is going to happen. For example, due to the lack of a successor Grodzki who would reconcile the interests of all opposition forces.

Ryszard Bober, PSL-Koalicja Polska: – This is a hypothetical discussion, distant in time and space. As Eugeniusz Kłopotek used to say, it is a bit like with the PSL: it lasted, lasts and lasts, the senator replies when we ask him about changes in the marshal’s chair. – If a discussion begins, we will definitely pay attention to it – he adds.

Wojciech Koniecznywho, after leaving the New Left, became the head of the PPS circle, and in practice one of the opposition coalition partners in the Senate, also declares his willingness to participate in the talks, although he does not fully believe in Grodzki’s departure. – It would definitely be a big change, but I do not have any information that someone was probing our moods or approaching the topic seriously – explains the senator.

As determined by Interia, a group of senators from the Civic Coalition is waiting only for the green light from Donald Tusk. If the Platform leader decides to react appropriately, Tomasz Grodzki may lose his position overnight. To his disadvantage is the fact that he does not have a party backing. What is worse, he is considered to be Grzegorz Schetyna’s nominee, although no one really recognizes him as a typical “schetynan”.

– The election of Tomasz Grodzki for the position of marshal was partially the choice of Grzegorz. It should also be remembered that with the change of leadership, expectations have changed, but the composition has not changed – explains one of the senators to Interia. – Certainly, Donald Tusk wants his man in the chair of the Senate Marshal. And Tomasz does not fall into this category – he adds.

Whatever happened, it does not seem that Grodzki will be held criminally responsible. – Many politicians wonder why the Marshal did not submit to the vote on this matter. Maybe he doubted he would be able to defend himself? one of our informants wonders. – Due to the politicization of the prosecutor’s office, we will probably defend him anyway – he adds.

In mid-December 2021, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw announced that it was investigating the violation of powers by leaving the motion of the prosecutor’s office to waive the immunity of Senate Marshal Tomasz Grodzki without pending. According to the investigators, this was detrimental to the public interest.

Bogdan Borusewicz, who decided that the upper chamber would not deal with the prosecutor’s second motion concerning Grodzki, once again spoke of its incorrect wording. – In my opinion, the application was not corrected, so I was obliged to leave it without a run – said the Deputy Speaker of the Senate from the Civic Coalition.

Tomasz Grodzki has assured many times that the allegations of corruption against him are untrue.

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