Sensational information! Jennifer Aniston adopted a child? There is a comment

Has her big dream come true? Jennifer Aniston has repeatedly said that motherhood in her case is a complex issue. Did the star of “Friends” decide to adopt and become a mother? Such sensational information circulated in the media. In the face of an international sensation, the actress’s agent spoke!

Jennifer Aniston on motherhood and social pressure

She was repeatedly accused of choosing a career instead of motherhood. Some media, in turn, were famous for regularly persuading Jennifer Aniston to be pregnant. This was the case with her marriage to Brad Pitt and her relationship with Justin Theroux. In interviews, she herself did not hide her irritation and the fact that entering such an intimate sphere of life is, in her opinion, tactless and harmful. The more that no one knows what she went through and whether she tried to get pregnant by accident for years.

“Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors. Nobody considers how sensitive this subject is for me and my partner. Nobody knows what I have been through, both emotionally and medically. Women are pressured, they are made to be mothers, and if they are not, they are labeled “damaged good”. Maybe my goal on this planet is not to reproduce. Maybe I have many other things to do, ”she told InStyle in August 2018.

Now the rumors about motherhood have returned with redoubled strength. Tabloids overseas report that the star of “Friends” has decided to … adopt! How much truth is there in them?

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Jennifer Aniston has alcohol problems?  Western media reports

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Jennifer Aniston adopted a child? The star’s agent commented on the revelations

The actress herself does not refer to these revelations. He prefers to focus on professional commitments. Currently, Jennifer Aniston is on the set of “The Morning Show”, where the second season of the series is being filmed. It is also known that a special episode of “Friends” was created, which is to be a continuation of the series. The completion of the work was announced on the official profile of the series on Instagram. It follows that fans will soon be able to watch “Friends: Reunion” on the HBO platform.

“Last slap on set! Could we be even more excited? Friends: The Reunion – coming soon on @hbomax ”, it was written.

It was on the set of the series that Jennifer was to tell her friends that she became a mother because she made the decision to adopt. Moreover, it was speculated that the actress took the girl under her roof. This information began to live its own life in the media. So much so that the agent of the star of “Friends” referred to it in an interview with TMZ.

It turned out that it has nothing to do with the truth. The man stressed that “every story about the adoption of a child is false and never happened.” Thus, there are no illusions that these revelations can be put between fairy tales …

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