separatists in the square, clashes and raids on the courthouse

Guerrilla scenes are igniting Corsica. Independents in the square to protest against Yvan Colonna, a historic Corsican militant attacked in prison and now in a coma.

Hundreds of people in the square protesting in the main cities but also clashes with the police and even a consequent assault raid on the courthouse of Ajaccio, are the scenes that have been igniting in the last few days there Corsica enough to have put the local authorities on maximum alert. The people went down to the square separatists of the French island to protest and ask justice and truth for Yvan Colonna, militant historian corso assaulted in prison last week and now in a coma in the hospital. It all started last March 2 when Colonna ended up in hospital in very serious condition.

When the news spread last Monday, hundreds of people, mostly young people, took to the streets both in the capital and in other cities of the island such as Calvi and Bastia. The protests became more and more heated and rapidly degenerated into clashes with the security forces. The most violent clashes between protesters and police erupted overnight from Wednesday to Thursday when in Ajaccio, protesters even broke into the courthouse building and set fire to documents. In Calvi, throw Molotov cocktails against the walls of the prefecture while a bank was attacked with an excavator in the capital.

Not even the letter from Yvan Colonna’s sister calmed the mood and the government’s decision to revoke Yvan Colonna’s particularly guarded prisoner status was read as an affront and a new one. protest demonstration is scheduled for Sunday 13 March. According to the police, Yvan Colonna, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Prefect Claude Erignac in 1998, was attacked by Franck Elong Abe, a radical Islamist prisoner who serves several sentences and who allegedly targeted him accusing him of expressions deemed blasphemous.

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