Serena Codato: 10 things you don’t know about the actress


Serena Codato she is one of the actresses who have most distinguished themselves in the series Sea out, which has become a real television case. Although still a novice and with few roles of hers on her side, the young actress has shown that she possesses a certain talent, which if cultivated could lead her to become an interesting face of the new generation of actors.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Serena Codato.

Serena Codato: her movies and TV series

1. He is famous for a well-known TV series. What made Serena Codato famous is the series Sea outdesigned by Christian Farina And Maurizio Careddu, in which the stories of a group of boys locked up in the Juvenile Penalty Institute of Naples are told. The series, currently made up of two seasons for a total of 24 episodes, mixes drama with adolescent themes, also passing through some gangster tones. In addition, the actress also stars in the series Caroline Crescentini.

2. He hasn’t acted for cinema yet. Currently the actress has not yet had the opportunity to act for the cinema, but thanks to the popularity she is gaining it is reasonable to expect that sooner or later this debut will arrive. So all that remains is to wait.

3. He has also acted for the theater. In addition to appearing on the small screen, the young actress also had the opportunity to tread the theater stage. She has in fact starred, in 2011, in the show Greaseto then take part the following year in ad Alice in Wonderland. In 2013, however, she starred in the show Pinocchiodirected by Christian Juniper.

Serena Codato in Sea out

4. Play one of the main characters. In Sea out the actress plays the role of Gemma Doria, a girl from Udine who is the victim of physical and verbal violence by her boyfriend. Gemma ends up in the juvenile penitentiary for shooting the boy, after he had thrown acid in the face of her sister, who unwillingly found herself a victim of her, being mistaken by him for Gemma, her real initial target. Initially he bonds with Viola, who enjoys exerting her negative influence on her, as the girl seems to involuntarily feel the need to get closer to another dominant figure.

5. He will also be back next season. As already announced, the character of Gemma will also return in the third season of the series, which is currently filming. The actress will therefore resume her role, now increasingly prominent within Sea out. However, it is not yet known which paths Gemma will take in the new season.

Serena Codato is not in A Place in the Sun

6. He hasn’t starred in popular fiction. Contrary to what is reported on the net, Codato has never acted in the popular fiction A Place in the Sunnor had anything to do with it.

Serena Codato is on Instagram

7. It is present on the social network. The actress is present on the social network Instagram, with her own profile followed by 69.5 thousand people and where only 13 posts can currently be found. These are mainly images related to her work as an actress and model, but there are also curiosities, moments of leisure, events in which she has taken part and other situations. By following her, you can therefore stay up to date on all the news about her.

Serena Codato: her private life

8. She is very private. As for the love life of the young actress, from social networks it seems that Serena Codato has been engaged since 2018 with a boy named David. Unfortunately practically nothing is known about their love story, both are very young and form a beautiful couple. On their social profiles, both Instagram and Facebook, there are no clues or important information about their love story.

Serena Codato: where she was born, age and height of the actress

9. Serena Codato was born in Venice on June 26, 2002. It therefore belongs to the sign of Cancer.

10. In 2022 the actress turned 20 years old. However, there is no information about its height.

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