Sergio Ramos, ‘Apartado’ – Estadio Deportivo

One of the first ‘problems’ to be presented to Sevilla’s new coach will be in the center of defence., There is an assumption that it will be delayed compared to last year due to poor planning and injuries, and the timing will increase due to Gattoni’s lack of adaptation and the results of Marcao and Nianzhou.

In one part, the story of Sergio Ramos was also solved. José Luis Mendílbar died in the final week in the ejection of Real Madrid, Nemanja Gudelj and Loic Bade were expected to recover from their injuries. There is no hope of improvement. Different partidos of portería a cerro, a única derota desde el ultimo parón -en Montjuic ante el Barça- y, wait a que el equipo no sumaba triumphos, lo que le ha acado costando la destitution, ne era debido tanto al centro de la other Protect like shortcomings.

Sin ir más lejos, the party before Rayo, the first goal comes from a game with which all the players fall, the one that is absolutely Gudelj unique symbolizing the fall of all the players of Rayo; Y, El Segundo, will detect an error by Acuña. In this party, the center of defense formed Baade and Gudelj, four days earlier, in Eindhoven, Sergio Ramos and the natives of Gudelj, and before Barça, Ramos and Baade.,

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