“Sergio Ramos has not closed the door of selection, but he does not arrive but does not arrive”


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louis de la fuente FOCUS ON OKDIARIO IN AN INTERVIEW GIVEN Las Rosas Football City During the concentration and future development of national composition sergio ramos Idiot spanish selection, current judge of Seville lego a communicator que dejaba españa y la Federación The video is a stunning video, but it is very regrettable that the possibility of joining La Liga will be activated.

“Yo, do you want me to hold meetings with your colleagues. For me, the players who are here are the best football players we can play at the moment,” explains louis de la fuente al se preguntado si sergio ramos Please note that the doors are subject to Spanish selection.

“You believe so Ramos Than trivial. Well, that’s it, and it doesn’t involve closed doors to the nerves. A person who has been answered that he still has no tampoco is completely natural. What kind of day could this be? Cannot be heard, but if other days are not present, it can be heard with complete normality and naturalness, and so on.

Sergio Ramos’ decision

sergio ramos If you play one minute early don’t miss the party with the Spanish selection on March 31st, 2021 Kosovo In Seville. despuez, tanto luis enriqueThat it has been quoted neither for the 2021 EuroCopa nor for the World Cup in Qatar, as louis de la fuenteVolvieron A. Lamar.

On February 23, 2023, a communication was made through our social laws which ensured that the Spanish selection was already loaded and loaded against the current selector. During this presentation Seville wanted to harbor the possibility of a judge.

“If circumstances occurred, they would not exist.”, Make sure the media is ready in advance for potential viewing. Furthermore, when it comes to “representation of importance” in this country, we assume “all the world is worth”, because “if things change, they may well get worse”.

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