Sergio Ramos’ secret relationship with Marlene Moureu –

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Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio are one of the strongest couples. Their story spans more than ten years, during which they welcomed four children and maintained a close relationship. Lately, rumors have been circulating about a possible crisis within their couple, although their veracity remains uncertain.

Today, the “socialite” reported disturbing information: the footballer is hiding a secret relationship with a recognized celebrity. Yola Berrokal is the exclusive source of this revelation, which shocks his colleagues.

Marlene Moureau shared an anecdote about her meeting with Sergio Ramos when Ramos was dating Miss Spain, Elizabeth Reyes. They met in 2007 at a hotel in Marseille during a charity football match organized by Zidane. So far, nothing is normal. However, Marlene Moureau revealed that the Andalusian had insisted that she join him in his room with a view to an intimate relationship. He then declined the offer, indicating that he was not interested.

Marlene Moureau explained that she rejected the footballer’s advances because of his relationship with his girlfriend at the time: ” I respect the boundaries of relationships. If a man is involved with a woman, you can be sure that I will not interfere. Why would a man who has Miss Spain as his companion go in search of someone else?,

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