Serial holiday scammer “expelled” from Ischia – Il Golfo 24

He had actually vacationed on the island by staying in three different hotels without ever paying the bill. In one case, even by resorting to the trick of an instant bank transfer which, however, on Friday afternoon would still be visible only on Monday morning. However, when he arrived in a shrewd Ischian hotel located near the Mandra, his game was discovered and so the dynamic Marianna Sasso, also to avoid that the serial scammer could strike again, has well thought of putting everyone on the who goes there. with a social complaint. A post, which obviously bought up shares, in which we read: “A Tuscan character has been wandering around Ischia for a few days with a little girl who scams big hotels, taxis and tour operators: it happened to us tonight even if we managed to stem the damage. Therefore, as we are making many sacrifices and sometimes working in difficult conditions, I invite all tour operators to be careful and report suspicious cases. I take this opportunity to thank the police who, in a somewhat ‘hot’ summer, constantly take care of us and our territory ”.

The subject in question, among other things, had also been monitored and identified by the agents of the Ischia police station and had previously struck in two luxurious structures in Lacco Ameno and Casamicciola. Finally cornered in Ischia, he was forced to leave not only the hotel but also the island. Too bad he intended to score his misdeeds with a nine-year-old girl, visibly embarrassed when the parent was “caught”.

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