Serie A: in the field Bologna-Turin 0-0, Fiorentina-Verona 1-1 and Venice-Sassuolo 1-3 – Sport

For Serie A in the field Bologna-Turin 0-0 (DIRECT), Fiorentina-Verona 1-1 (DIRECT) and Venice-Sassuolo 1-3 (DIRECT).

The goals

GOAL! VENICE-Sassuolo 1-3 in the 34th minute! Henry’s network. Nice exchange on the right between Okereke and Mateju, Henry crushes his head behind Consiglio.
GOAL! Venice-SASSUOLO 0-3 at 29 ‘! Scamacca’s penalty. Central conclusion, Romero displaced, Scamacca cold from 11 meters.
GOAL! Fiorentina-VERONA 1-1 at 20 ‘! Goal on penalty Gianluca Caprari! From the spot the yellow-blue striker realizes with a central solution, Terracciano dives to the right and fails to save the result.
GOAL! Venice-SASSUOLO 0-2 at 17 ‘! Penalty by Berardi. Romero guesses the corner, the ball passes over him, Berardi makes no mistake from 11 meters.
GOAL! FIORENTINA-Verona 1-0 to 10! Krzysztof Piatek network. Launch to the right for Ikoné who hooks and points the opponent, the purple winger swerves and tries the left-footed conclusion that slams on Ilic, Piatek takes advantage of it and takes the ball in the area and signs the advantage.
GOAL! Venice-SASSUOLO 0-1 at 2 ‘! Raspadori network. Svoboda error, highway to Raspadori, central conclusion that punctures a sleeping Romero.

A decidedly generous Genoa cannot find the goal and the victory: Empoli defending himself well, with a Vicar on the day. The Dreams Victory of the Griffin then slams into the crossbar, after a powerful conclusion from Portanova touched by Vicario. (The chronicle)