Serie A: Lecce-Inter 1-2, Monza-Turin 1-2 – Football

Lecce-Inter 1-2 in a match on the first day of Serie A played at the Via del Mare stadium CHRONICLE
Monza-Torino 1-2 in the match played on the U-Power Stadium ‘ CHRONICLE

Inter began their championship with a sweaty victory at Via Del Mare (2-1) and thanks Dumfries that in front of the 95 ‘overtaking works against a Lecce that has never given up. Three points arrived in full recovery, in the last action, after a long siege led by the Nerazzurri, with Inzaghi forced to resort to an unscrupulous 4-2-4 to get ahead of a match that seemed to be channeled on the equal result. But it was Dumfries’ chest, who took over in the second half and also has a stake in his score, that gave Inzaghi’s men their first joy. Lukaku’s cold goal after less than two minutes seemed the prelude to a Nerazzurri monologue, but Lecce with patience, began to put their heads out of the bag. Cessay, good performance of the Giallorossi striker, put the challenge on a par, but then Inzaghi’s changes, with all possible and imaginable solutions, with Lecce barricaded in his area, were right. For Inter a test in chiaroscuro, especially in the first part of the second half, but which says three points, for Lecce, who came out to applause, a mocking defeat, predictable on the eve, but which leaves ample room for improvement for the season. It is a Via del Mare dressed up for the first of Lecce in A against the vice-champions of Italy, and there are 25,353 spectators, with a good Nerazzurri presence and an incredible enthusiasm from the Giallorossi supporters. Inzaghi restarts from the Lukaku-Lautaro couple, with Brozovic ready after the annoyance accused during the week. In defense there is Dimarco in place of Bastoni, on the right Darmian preferred to Dumfries. Baroni must face the emergency in defense and deploy the newcomer Cetin with Baschirotto at his side. At the center of the attack trident the Gambian Ceesay. Ready to go, not even the time to find the positions on the pitch that Inter passes. Dimarco whizzes on the trocar, crosses for Darmian on the opposite post that heads back to the center for Lukaku who, still with his head, puts his head in the net very easily. 1’21 “is enough for the Nerazzurri to take the lead by overtaking. And still Lukaku, like three years ago, always against Lecce, when he scored his first goal in Italy. Inter continues to lead the game putting a strain on the The Giallorossi defense is already blocked, which in the 20 ‘records the defection of Cetin, already in doubt on the eve, and the entry of Blin, a midfielder adapted to a central defensive. The match heats up (32’) due to a very hard intervention by Baschirotto on Lautaro: for the sacrosanct yellow defender. Lecce tries to put their nose in the Inter area with Strefezza (39 ‘), but his right is easily controlled by Handanovic. 4’ recovery and the curtain falls on the first half. Inter ahead 1 -0, with the usual Lukaku. It starts again and the hosts find the winning flash. Quick restart with Di Francesco and Cessay who exchange in rapid series; the second with Cessay who overlaps his partner, who serves him vertically: precise left to cross and Handanovi c beaten (48 ‘). Lecce seems transformed, regain confidence, but Inter are in evident difficulty. Inzaghi tries to shake the of him: inside Mkhitaryan and Bastoni, outside Brozovic, who in the meantime remedies a yellow and Bastoni. On the opposite side, Baroni replies with Colombo, who detects an exhausted and highly applauded Ceesay. Inzaghi tries the inner traction to change his inertia with a double change: enter Dzeko and Dumfries (who just inside him hits the post) for Calhanoglu and Darmian. The Nerazzurri definitely take the ball in the game, and a shower of crosses rained down in the Lecce area. The Giallorossi close ranks, Baroni tries to find new life with the entrances of Helgason, Banda and Listkowski. To take the chair is Falcone. And right on the edge of the siren Dumfries, on the developments of a corner, runs to the far post and bags with his chest for the overtaking and the Nerazzurri victory. It’s an Inter party, but Lecce doesn’t look bad at all.

At the debutante Monza dance, Torino picks up the right pace and wins 1-2. 10,739 people arrive for the first of Brianza in A and the postcard sent from the stands is made up of a red and white glance that summarizes with a banner the 110 years of waiting for the debut in the top flight: “No dark night can prevent the sun to rise “, says the banner of the Brianza curve. On the other hand, the thousands of visiting supporters repeat chants against the grenade presidency. United, the fans are united in remembering Gigi Radice, as stated in a sheet exposed by the Monza curve. Silvio Berlusconi, who arrives in the stands to read the formations, has a big smile under the black mask, for the first in the highest category of his. If anything, his good mood is taken away by the goal that arrives three minutes before the break, after a good first half of his team: in the 42nd minute Birindelli and Barberis mess, the Toro restarts and Sanabria serves Miranchuk, who from two steps makes no mistake. It is the bitter note of a good first half, for the debutante: ready away, we start at a high pace and the emotion is swept away by the adrenaline. The guests immediately try with Sanabria, but Di Gregorio (preferred to Cragno) interrupts in low output. On the other hand, Petagna and Caprari lower themselves and leave room for the insertions of Valoti. Monza takes meters and pitch, Torino is forced to play for a throw-in, but risks hurting after 13 minutes with Radonjic’s counterattack serving oversized for Aina, who would have been face to face with Di Gregorio. The hosts respond with Filippo, the only one of the Frogs on the pitch, who calls into question Milinkovic’s punches on the 18th minute. Petagna has an opportunity to head, but it is Toro who touches the lead shortly after: Marì heads free backwards, Miranchuk puts Radonjic in a position to hit hard and Di Gregorio flies on the shot to cross. Ranocchia becomes dangerous again, picking up to the limit and crossing the left, which comes out a little. In the second half, we restart from Ranocchia’s oversized shot, from lower rhythms and wider spaces. In the last quarter of the race the changeover waltz begins, with Stroppa throwing Ciurria, Mota and Carboni into the fray for the injured Carlos. And the former Cagliari in the 20 ‘svirgola a postponement, Ricci lifts the ball for Sanabria who doubles in acrobatics. At 10 ‘from the end D’Alessandro could reopen it, but he misses the opportunity in the small area, however in an offside position. Radonjic in the final could make three of a kind, but the right at the far post does not go down. In goal there goes Dany Mota Carvalho, in full recovery. Monza’s first goal in Serie A and a more painless defeat for the newly promoted player.

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