Series. Emilia Clarke confirms the new “Game of Thrones” with Kit Harington.

Emilia Clarke

The actor will return as Jon Snow in a new sequel series, as anticipated by former Daenerys Targaryen interpreter.

Kit Harington will still be Jon Snow in a spin-off series of “Game of Thrones”: this is confirmed by Emilia Clarke.

Last week, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that the British actor would be returning in a sequel, set after the events of the original series, which ended in 2019.

The project, still under development, has not yet been officially announced, but Emilia, the historical protagonist of the show, provided some interesting previews during an interview with BBC News.

“He told me about it. And I know this show exists. It will happen, ”said the actress, adding that Harington will be involved in the development. “It will be created by Kit for what I understand, so he’s involved from head to toe. What you see, if done, will be certified by Kit Harington. ‘

Will Emilia Clarke be there?

Clarke commented on her eventual return as Daenerys Targaryen: “No, I think I’m done.”

Emilia will also be curious about the prequel series, “House of the Dragon”, set before the existence of her character.

“It will be really strange,” he admitted. “I’ll see it as a new spectator because it’s set hundreds of years earlier than our show, it’ll be different for sure.”

“House of the Dragon” will air starting in August.


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