Sertanejo, Gusttavo Lima, wonder fans and to show off the size of his “member”


The singer, sertanejo, Gusttavo Lima, it was more to show off his member, swollen – Play: Instagram

Wow! The singer and Gusttavo Limaas we have reported here on the The VIP areais spending a few days on the farm of his great friend and an icon of style and music Leonardo. There, he is amusing himself by taking his a good glass of beer and playing soccer. He had never played it and fell in love with her right off the bat.

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As well as the the singer and Gusttavo Lima and his wife, model and Andressa Suitaalso you are doing it for the sport. So much so that it was a dispute of a woman, Leonardo da vinci, a journalist and Poliana Rocha.

As well as the ‘ambassador’ had never played a sport in his life, he went through some of the s perrengues. As it is not ‘developed a thick skin’ to some of the members of his body were swollen, and he has made it a point to show for their fans.

Through the stories of her Instagram, the singer shared a video where it showed the size in the foot, it was because of the practice of soccer. With a lot of good humour, he joked:

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“I’ve never played the business of soccer, look at the size of my foot. I swear to God, it is not the rum is not. Here for you to see. A friend of God.”said to him, and then he made a comparison between their legs: “This one is a little more sedate, but look at this one here.”he said.

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A ‘member’ of the singer, and to be puffed up – Playlist: Instagram operating system: VIP Area)

+ Felipe Araujo is frightened by the size of the member, the singer, and Leonardo, see picture

Trying to explain the situation to the singer and Gusttavo Lima it was one of my friends suggested that the swelling was to be the next Leonardo, who is well-known for autointitular with this “problem”: “It is this swelling of the foot, it is because it is very close to that of Leo’s. Then it went on for a little bit for you.”



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