Session for bears. Allegro and CD Projekt are inheritance leaders

2021-11-24 17:35

2021-11-24 17:35

Session for bears.  Allegro and CD Projekt are inheritance leaders
Session for bears.  Allegro and CD Projekt are inheritance leaders
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The Warsaw indices have been in a downward trend for several weeks. At the same time, most of the world’s major indices were trading at record levels. The correction in the core markets means an even stronger supply on the WSE.

The session on Wednesday was dictated by the declines. Despite the fact that the market opened to a slight advantage, the rest of the day made yesterday’s gains a thing of the past, and the lows of the last weeks were deepened.

The WIG20 lost 0.95 percent. with a turnover of PLN 902 million, mWIG40 gave up 0.13 percent, and small companies, which were doing the worst yesterday, ended Wednesday in the upside by 0.25 percent. The broad WIG fell by 0.65 percent, and the turnover amounted to PLN 1.17 billion.

In the index of large companies, declines by 7.19 percent. CD Projekt stood out as it was the worst performing asset of the WIG20 after several sessions of growth. By 5.22 percent Asseco, which published its results in line with estimates, and presented its expectations for the fourth quarter, fell.

Allegro saw a decline of 6.66 percent. and is getting closer to the historic low of November 12. Then the price reached the level of PLN 40.25 per share. This time, Mercator was on the same side of the market, giving back 3.59 percent. and returned to below PLN 110 quotations.

The financial sector present in WIG20 decreased: PZU by 1.14 percent. and Pekao drop by 0.78 percent. Only Santander managed to end the day positive by 2.24%, and PKO BP kept the closing level from yesterday.

After the results, it fell by 0.16 percent. PGE rate. The results were in line with expectations, and the company announced future capital expenditures of approximately PLN 7bn.

The declines were attempted to offset the rising quotes of 8 companies. Lotos shares gained 3.23%, CCC 3.45%, Tauron by 3.45%, and PKN Orlen, DIno, PGNiG and Cyfrowy Polsat increased in the range of 0.06-0.88%.

In the second line, the most action was on bank shares due to their share in turnover. mBank grew by 0.98 percent and Alior by 0.34 percent. with a turnover of PLN 70.6 million and PLN 17.1 million, respectively. WIG-Banki, after two days of increases on Wednesday, adds another 0.48 percent. The sector has seen a solid correction recently, but has been gaining ground in the last three days. The game is underway for further MPC decisions on interest rates.

Kruk shares performed poorly, falling by 2.06%. Recently, we informed about the sale of shares by the president of the management board. Yesterday’s drops by 4.74 percent. DataWalk and Biomed continues, dropping 6.40 percent today. which with each passing day deepens the many-month lows. The Ten Square Games course experienced a profit-taking session after several days of increases. Shares fell 4.95 percent.

On the broad market, it is primarily an increase of 16.97 percent. Getin, who announced a capital reduction and dividend payment. In addition, further increases in Wielton by 5.10 percent, which broke the PLN 10 mark broken last week. Since the publication of the results, Rafako’s share price has fallen, this time by 3.80%.

Wednesday is the day of publication of several important data, mainly from the US economy. However, in the morning IFO data from Germany appeared first, which were at the consensus level (96.5), but worse than the figure for October (97.7). From At 13.00 the US data started to appear. The most important were also the number of applications for unemployment benefits (199,000 against 260,000 consensus) and annualized GDP for the third quarter (2.1% against the expected 2.2%). Tomorrow in the US, Thanksgiving, and therefore a day off. Trade without Americans can be a bit calmer.



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