Severe but fair Lineker, terrible Klinsmann. Infantino? More 0!

Kylian Mbappe 9

At 23 he has already scored the same goals as Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup and only one less than Lionel Messi. Phenomenon.

Costa Rica 8

It wasn’t easy to get back on track after the skid on the debut against Spain. Not that they damned their souls to get over the Japanconsidering that the winning goal came after the only shot on goal in 180 minutes, but it’s certainly not the time to start nitpicking.

Gary Lineker 7

Before the match against Albiceleste, Tnt Mexico asked their Twitter followers for help: “Wanted! Name: Lionel Messi. Age: 35 years old. The last time he was seen he was running in the tenth minute of the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia“». He gave the most sensible answer, at the end of the match Gary Lineker: «balls». Strict, but fair.

Diego Pablo Simeone 4

«I have seen it well. After all, the World Cup is an ideal tournament for him, Joao Félix: short, where beauty and speed are enhanced, where you fall in love with players like him». How to download a footballer with a compliment which, after all, is not a compliment.

Theo: "With Mbappé a natural understanding, Deschamps asks me..."

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Theo: “With Mbappé a natural understanding, Deschamps asks me…”

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