Severe cold forces North Texas school district to suspend activities

Note: This video corresponds to the effects of an Arctic front that left snow on the Dallas-Fort Worth highway.

This phenomenon is expected Stay about 80 hoursleading to a major decision for the school district.

Due to bad weather conditions, the situation did not improve after the holiday. It is expected that there will be at least two more days of low temperatures. Facing this continuous cold wave, School districts in the area have announced the suspension of all activities on Tuesday, January 16:



  • Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District
  • crandall independent school district
  • crowley independent school district
  • cedar hill independent school district


  • dallas independent school district
  • desoto independent school district
  • Denton Independent School District
  • duncanville independent school district



  • forney independent school district
  • fort worth independent school district


  • Garland Independent School District
  • Grand Prairie Independent School District



medium size

  • mansfield independent school district
  • mesquite independent school district
  • midlothian independent school district


  • red oak independent school district
  • Richardson Independent School District




  • Waxahachie
  • white settlement independent school district

Although this measure is necessary to ensure the safety of students and staff, Highlight the challenges extreme weather conditions can pose to daily life.

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The Arctic Front is in action❄️✨ The northern part of the Lone Star State is whitened by snowflakes, bringing the night temperature below 20 degrees! Discover this magical winter show ⛄️


The streets of downtown Dallas rarely look like this: lonely and covered in white. This photo was taken at 5:00 a.m. at the intersection of Pearl Street and Bryan Street in downtown Dallas.

Credit: Gabriella Villegas


Seagovir’s car was covered with a white blanket. This was captured around 5:00 a.m. by a camera in the home of Adrián Nancy, a viewer who shared the photo with us.

Credit: Adrian Nancy

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Arlington was one of the cities in the DFW metropolitan area to record its first snowflakes. This photo was sent to us by Julie James.

Credit: Julie James


Karina Cordero of Keller captured her garden covered in white in the early morning hours.

Credit: Karina Cordero


Canton streets east of the DFW Metroplex were also covered in white, with several cars driving. Caution is advised as ice may form on bridges or overpasses.

Credit: Miriam Peralta

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In Frisco, Marcial Orozco sent us this photo of his patio, complete with snow-covered dining room and grill.

Credit: Martial Orozco


The cold snap turns Texas into a true winter wonderland, with the arrival of an Arctic front that leaves temperatures below freezing: from frozen swimming pools to snowflakes flying in the sky, the arrival of an Arctic front leaves a unique impression on us. Learn how the magic of winter takes over our state.


A thin layer of snow covered cars in the parking lot at this Luceville apartment complex.

Credit: Edgar

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frozen! Our friends from Grapevine woke up to their cars covered in a layer of snow.

Credit: Jose Rodriguez


The DART transit system continues to operate on this cold, snowy morning in Dallas.

Credit: Gabriella Villegas


This is 635 Ferguson Avenue in Dallas, and it’s still snowing in the morning.

Credit: Ceci Gonzalez

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Iridiana de la Cruz sent us photos of her children enjoying the snow.

Credit: Iridiana of the Cross


Although there was little traffic on Metropolis roads due to the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, the day did not go unbeaten for several drivers as a few were recorded in the morning on roads such as 30 and 35 ACCIDENT. We tell you the current situation and a panoramic view of the region.

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