Sevilla was playing and Real was shooting. Guess who won

Sevilla really had an idea for this meeting. On the offensive, millions of solutions, several variants of set pieces, hit footballers and coherent actions. In defense, doubling the security on the wings, minimizing the risk, preventing Real Madrid from even one dangerous action in its own penalty area. AND Royal? Well, they were shooting, ladies and gentlemen.


Real Madrid didn’t play a big game in almost every way. In fact, they were doing really average. The defense was failing, the attack was also disappointing, because any attempts to break into the sixteen hosts usually ended in failure. Real, however, was extremely effective, because they had almost half of the situation, and still managed to score two goals.

We don’t want to be too angry, but that’s why the team from Warsaw is fighting for the championship, and Sevilla’s goals are a bit smaller. So what if Lopetegui will be proud of his players, since it has not turned into points. Sevilla can only be disappointed after this match – she controlled the course of the match, was optically better, and she was leaving the pitch on the shield anyway.

Errors that do not happen

It can all be reduced to the happiness factor – one team had a wheelbarrow of it, the other asked for a drop. After all, the first goal for Real – the equalizer – is nothing more than a mistake that Bounou, the guest goalkeeper, happens once in a Russian year.

The Moroccan has played 12 La Liga games this season and kept 50% of them clean. These are not random numbers, just as it is no coincidence that the 30-year-old is one of the faces of the Spanish league’s tightest defense. And yet the same Bono completely ignored Eder Militao’s shot from several dozen meters. He lunged hesitantly, didn’t stiffen his arm, let the ball slide over his fingers and land on the post instead of behind the backline.

This, in turn, opened the way for Benzema, who ended up in the net without any problems.

Goals we don’t see very often

The second half of the game was also dictated by Sevilla. Some nice actions from Papu Gomez. Nice raids for Ocampos, who was able to pass two rivals and put a sieve on Vinicius. Plus, the midfield functioned so well that Kroos and Modrić looked overwhelmed. Real had moments in the second half when it was unable to get out of its own zone.

Again, however, one may ask – so what? Sevilla has not documented this advantage in any way. In fact, she lacked clear chances, because she had the best chance in the end, when Courtois managed to bounce a head shot.

However, it would be forgivable if the game ended with a split of points. The snag is that Real played one, really simple, action and made his opponent fall apart.

A great pass from Miliato and an even better shot from Vinicius. Everything played for the Brazilian duo, everything.

A spectacular goal, a racket right in the window of the goal. Sure, you can get angry at how little Sevilla has been doing to stop the winger. It was also one of the few times where a visitors’ right-back was left without additional support. However, it was enough to beat Sevilla today.

Two goals, two pretty unlikely. One is due to the error of the usually reliable goalkeeper, the other is a projectile that almost blasted the net. It is difficult to fight something like this, because it cannot be written in any tactical scenario.

Chances that it hurts to waste

Sevilla will undoubtedly be disappointed after this match. It seemed that the early goal, where Rafa Mir has highlighted all the shortcomings of Real’s defensive, will allow them to calmly control the course of events on the field. However, fate had a painful surprise for them – all the cards were knocked out of their hands in a way that is difficult to explain with a strictly football concept.

The guests were certainly not a worse team, they certainly did not deserve a defeat. But football still doesn’t reward the teams that are better, but the teams that score more. Royalalthough they had very limited means of expression, they turned out to be better in this aspect. In a few months, no one will remember how close Sevilla was to success. Rather, Real Madrid managed to beat a tough opponent and added another three points in the race for the championship.


  • R. Mir – 12 ′
  • K.Benzema – 32 ′
  • Vinicius Jr. – 87 ′


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