Sex toys: the best vibrators for single women and couples

Let’s start with a fact: the market for sex toys it flies higher and higher and it is no longer a taboo. The numbers speak for themselves: in the last year and a half, sales of erotic toys have registered a + 160%. Magazine Forbes has predicted that the sector will be worth 122 billion in 2024. Side effect of the pandemic and social distancing? Maybe. Or perhaps, on the contrary, of the newfound freedom, now that Covid is less frightening, which has led to a sharing and experimentation of sexual practices that are no longer just for singles.

Sex toys, a growing success

Data from a study carried out by Durex also confirm that thehe sex toys niche has experienced significant growth over the past two years, registering a real sales boom in 2020 of + 82% compared to 2019, also thanks to the extended lockdown period. As for the profile of buyers, if in 2019 the majority (86%) were women and only 14% were men, in the year of the outbreak of the pandemic there was an increase in purchases of sex toys by of male users, reaching 24% of total buyers against 76% of women. In 2021, the gap has increased again: 80% of buyers are women against 20% of men.

Undoubtedly, and it is important to underline it, today even the area of ​​intimacy has been questioned and shaken by the pandemic wave: now more than ever, with individualism at its maximum expression and the deficit of physical contact, we deserve absolute pleasure, to be experienced both during solitary and shared moments.

Sex toys, more and more in the sunlight

In addition to the fact that today the companies of vibrators & Co. are also made champion of body positivity to break down taboos on sexuality that have always been part of our history. Fortunately, something is changing since now they are also sold in perfumeryfrom Sephora or Douglas for example, or on, the leading Italian beauty company in the subscription box sector, which has an entire shop area, Intimacy, dedicated to sexual wellness. More and more beautiful, colorful and of design, to break down shame and modesty that today it no longer makes sense to try.

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If in the US, later Gwyneth Paltrow (who recently returned to betting on a revolutionary dual-use 64-speed vibrator), the actress also Dakota Johnson took the field, becoming the creative director of Maudeone of the coolest brands of the moment, in Italy Arisa clears sex toys on Instagram e Belén Rodriguez speaks live on TV about auto-eroticism. And not only. Brands like Diego Dalla Palma or Diesel team up with LELO, a leader in the sex toys market: the first has launched a box with mascara MyHappyToy and the the most popular sex toy ever from the erotic brand, SONA ™, specifically for clitoral massage; SONA, together with CRUISE AND TOR, are the special editions of LELO in collab with the fashion brand Diesel (launched on 6 April and available on, and selected Diesel flagship stores all over the world), a a real invitation to people to draw on their sexuality, experiment and freely express their individuality.

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Sex toys, not just for singles

As we said then, today the boom of erotika it’s not just about singles. From a 2021 LELO research on the relationship of Italians with sexualityit emerges how much masturbation within the couple is perceived as a real one altruistic practice, important for creating intimacy and used above all to give pleasure to the other, rather than to receive it. Specifically, theuse of sex toys as objects of pleasure for couples it represents a precious means of discovering one’s own body and one’s pleasure by 32.3% of the Italians interviewed; 46.4% use them to vary and break the monotony, while more than 50% said they use them to make sex more playful.

To satisfy one’s pleasure or sexual well-being multiplied by two to amplify pleasure when not alone, in the gallery we have selected the most elegant, practical, hot and effective sex toys of the moment to immediately ignite the atmosphere.

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